I can't believe I've been documenting my family's story and everyday life for two years now! So today I've compiled all the photos of the Sham Of the Perfect project of 2016- where every week I submit a documentary family photo for the website. It's been such a privilege to be part of this amazing group of talented photographers. Being a part of the Sham Of The Perfect has been a blessing, not only has it allowed me to grow as a photographer ( it's crazy how much you can learn in two years!), it has given me a way to record a slice of lives that I would have otherwise never really had. I've never been one to journal as I am not great with words, but this visual journal is something I can and love to do. I've also met so many wonderful people along the way, and for that, I am forever grateful. Looking back at these photos and the ones from last year fill my heart with so much joy. As much as drive my husband and children crazy with my camera sometimes, I hope they will appreciate these photos in the future as much as I already do! It really gives a sincere and real look into our lives... a little  I do need to get better at documenting the even more ordinary days and I've been doing that a lot more with my 365 project

You can click on the photos to see them bigger!

The Sham of the perfect project is still going strong and we are still submitting every week. However, we will only be showcasing one photo a month this time around. There are some other amazing things going on though, great articles, some image critiques and we are showcasing other wonderful photographers. There is even a page for all of the contributors that you can hire to come and document your family ( I highly recommend doing this).

Come and have a look: http://www.shamoftheperfect.com/

A few of the lovely ladies have also compiled their photos and you can have a look... it's all so inspiring: Robin, Elisa, Natasha, Gemma, Jessica.