I've decided to share more photos and a slice of our daily life on the blog. I take so many photos, shoot pretty much daily and most of the time they end up on my external hard drive and nowhere else. I haven't printed any photos since MisterM was one years old and he will be turning nine in a couple of months! I figured if I blogged some of my photos, those would get edited and that in turn it would be a lot easier to get them printed. I also just found out you can created Blurb photo books to be printed straight in Lightroom. This makes the process so much less daunting and faster. So today, I put together the first photo book in years ( it helps blurb is having 40% off on their books), it's of our little beach getaway and so I wanted to share some photos here with you. I hope to keep sharing my favourites of the week and maybe by the end of the year I can create an photo book for each kid from what I share here with you and from my Instagram account. At least this is what I am hoping. 

Almost every year we drive, approximately 6 hours, to Ogunquit Maine. The kids talk about it all year round, it's become our little family tradition. As much as we keep wanting to try somewhere new, we always end up there. We love the beautiful beach, the kid friendly atmosphere and the treasure hunting in the the antique shops. Here is a little look into what our 6 day beach getaway looked like this year. 

I had a hard time choosing what to share, so this post is photo heavy... don't expect this every week! I also made a mini family movie of our time there. Enjoy!