Every year the city of Montreal has this great big and wonderful Jazz festival and last year we ended up going twice! The first time we walked around, had some fun, listened to music, ate good food. I had promised the kids we would go back since the line for the facepaint was a few hours long! MissE reminded me every day that week and so I obliged. Instead of taking the car we took the train down which I try to do every summer... my kids love it! 

My son might have been a little over-excited, he gets that way a lot and so we might have tried some meditation to calm him down although that didn't end up helping much. We did end up taking a break on our way to the festival and decided to "start" the day over and change our attitudes or we would have gone back home. That totally worked out and the rest of the day went by pretty smoothly

The weather wasn't great, it even rained on us a little but it did not stop the kids from playing in the fountains and having them all to themselves.

TIP*** If you are looking for cute sibling photos, only bring one beach towel with you and they will have no choice but to share! ;) 

After a quick lunch, we headed to the face paint tent and waited our turn. The wait was not as bad as on the weekend, maybe an hour and a half! ha. But it was well worth the wait, don't you agree? The little girls were so excited! I don't think MissE wanted to wash her face that night. 

Luckily we bumped into some friends and ended up spending the rest of the afternoon together. My kids still talk about that day almost a year later. Sadly I think we will be missing the festivities this year. 

Of course, we ended up playing in the bouncy castles, oversized piano, fun play structures too. Listened to some good music and even danced a little. Made some crafts. Giggled a lot. 

We couldn't leave without having some cotton candy! Ugh, why do they need to make them so big? Not only did MissE end up eating most of ours but even helped her friend finish hers. Watching the kids wait for their cotton candy and eat it was a delight and totally worth the sugar high on the way home... maybe not! :D

We had such a wonderful day and thanks to Jenn and her kids for making it that much more special. If you want to know more about what is going on in Montreal, check out Jenn's website Okidgo, it's great for all your family resources.