Here is a little something you might not know about me, I grew up dancing. I took my first ballet class when I was five and grew up dreaming of being a choreographer. I also grew up thinking that all artists were unhappy and poor. And so, I went on to study health sciences in CEGEP and then got my Bachelors of Science in Psychology. Look at where I am now. Ha. I took ballet classes from the age of five until I was twelve; that year I got my first and only pair of pointe shoes. I then went on to learn jazz, tap, modern and a lot more until I was seventeen. My dance school was far from my home and my mom was scared when I took the bus and metro home alone; also classes were expensive and we just couldn't afford them anymore. I ended up choreographing high school fashion shows and being a dance counselor in summer camp. And soon my dancing life ended... unless clubbing until 5am counts! I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I had continued studying dance. 

Not too long ago my little MissE found my pointe shoes. She has been taking ballet classes for many years now, but the twinkle in her eye was like nothing I had seen until she tried my pointe shoes for the first time. Well, the first thing she learnt is that standing on your toes is not as easy as it looks. Secondly, she will need many more years of ballet classes before she gets her first pointe shoes, which I sure hope she follows through with. Waking up and getting ready every saturday morning isn't always what we all want to do. I can't tell you how many time my mom had to drag me out of the house for ballet class. As I look back, I am extremely grateful for all she did for me and my sister. 

Last sunday, MissE found one her books, " How to be a Ballerina" and on her own with the help of the book's instructions, she put on my pointe shoes and practiced her positions. I happened to have my camera not too far. I wonder if my love for photographing movement comes from my love of dance. If somehow I have found my way of choreographing in some way. My new dream would be to shoot backstage at a ballet performance someday. 

Here is a peek into the life of little MissE ballerina...