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It would seem summer has come back in Montreal and Mother Nature has granted us a few more days of hot and sunny weather... Perfect pool weather wouldn't you say? Off we went to my sister in laws pool for what probably will be our last swim of the year. 

This post is part of a blog circle- similar to the one I started this summer and never finished :( Except that this time we will explore the theme of fall and what that looks like for us. All the photographers are from the province of Quebec, so you are sure to see lot's of gorgeous colors I am sure. Well, that is when autumn decides to point it's nose, not that I am in any hurry! So please scroll to the bottom of the post and click on Caroline Desrocher's name to see what she has been up to and then keep going until you end back here. 

Sept 1702.jpg
sept 17 diptych.jpg
Sept 1716.jpg

My goal with this project is to go through the list I made in the New year and tick off all it is I was supposed to work on or try- things like making diptychs, shooting double exposures, shooting with film to name just a few. I am excited for next week already! But first go check out Caroline Desroches' photos- looks like they had fun at the Botanical gardens.