Since I am on vacation, this week's installment of the 50 nuances d'été (50 shades of summer) blog circle was shot last week. Just me freelensing with my daughter in our front yard. We had to cut down 4 of our trees last summer, and MissE decided to count the ridges to see how old this tree was... 200 years old apparently. She also tried sucking on the clover petals with no success. I think the ones I used to eat when I was younger were a little bigger. Apparently, clover leaves can be chopped into salads or can be sauteed! Umm not sure I will be trying that anytime soon, too bad we have so many in our yard. 

{This post is part of a blog circle, were photographers from Quebec have come together to inspire and encourage each other to take photos every day during our summer months. So be sure to scroll down and click on the link for the next photographer to see what their week was like and get a feel for what summers are like in this beautiful province we all live in.