This week of summer living in Montreal included some extreme heat and way too many activities if you ask me! The hot weather made the backyard shenanigans all that more fun with kids having a blast playing with the hose and jumping on the trampoline (as usual). We had a fun night out with picnicking and movies at the park organized by the kid's school. MissE had friends over for a sleepover which involved lots of giggles, sushi, popcorn and a very late night up. And we attended my cousin's wedding which was held at a beautiful venue. We danced the night away, ate good food and went to bed way too late. 

This week's theme seemed to revolve around the hues of pink and a little green. You can see what last week was all about if you missed it here

This post is part of a blog circle, were photographers from Quebec have come together to inspire and encourage each other to take photos every day during our summer months. So be sure to scroll down and click on the link for the next photographer to see what their week was like and get a feel for what summers are like in this beautiful province we all live in. 

Now go have a look at how much fun Caroline Desroches' daughter is having. This summer seems to be off to a great start!