Sham of the Perfect is an international collective of photographers who are passionate about both family documentary photography and being mothers.  Our intent is to tear down the sham of perfection shown in more idyllic work and present life, motherhood, families, childhood, and home as it actually is; full of flaws and full of beauty simultaneously. Come see more:

A Spring Issue Standing in line at the grocery checkout my eye slides over your glossy cover and I imagine kicking back in a quiet room at home, sunlit air from the window fluttering your bright pages. I would quietly feed on your inspiring concepts for dining al fresco, plus one hundred great ways to bring back the romance (and still get dinner on the table).
Actually dinner is burning in the oven while I fitfully pore over page after page of simulated perfection, my brain racked by the effort of mentally tallying these things I surely need: a battery of skin-care potions to charm my face into a pristine, even poreless surface and a new wardrobe that flatters my assets while suiting my age (as well as resisting stains) and that Viking range with granite countertops where I’ll roast local lamb or raptly dice Vidalias at the end of each day dedicated to meditative yoga, to targeting and toning and releasing stress and toxins- not to mention toxic emotions, rising to a high boil with my ravenous heart, now bleating for a taste of the flawless (which I think I’ve just beheld her within your pages).
Little can I do but dish up our lenten meal (peas and potatoes) and then I will sacrifice you,
sham of the perfect, to the trash, sprinkling you
with the crumbs of tonight’s charred fish sticks.
— By Sarah Dunning Park

Here is what 2015 looked like for me...

In August of 2014 I took my first photography class and learned how to shoot in manual mode. One month later I was taking my second course, Visual Storytelling with Molly Flanagan at the Define school. I would have never guessed that a few months later I would be part of an incredible project called Sham Of The Perfect. An amazing group of talented photographers from around the world would submit a photo every week of the beauty of their everyday reality. No posing, no yelling don't move or can you stand here please... just a real moment frozen in time. 

I can't believe I completed a 52 photo project! If it wasn't for the wonderful group of contributors, I don't think I would have ever accomplished this. They have been so supportive and a great source of inspiration as well. I am so happy they accepted such a rookie to the group and it surely made me work really hard every week to get a shot I was proud to share. This project has pushed me to pick up my camera almost every day and it has helped me grow as a photographer- for that I am super grateful. Most importantly I am so looking forward to continuing with this project in 2016. So be sure to check out the Sham Of The Perfect website at least every Monday and then again once a month for our monthly favourite, plus all the other amazing content we have planned. If you aren't following my photography page on Facebook, come and like it as I share all my photo adventures there: Celina Bailey Photography.

So here you have a compilations, an inside look at my family's life as it was once a week from January 1st to December 31st 2015. We went through 4 seasons, I broke my camera and happily upgraded for a full frame and we went from a small apartment to our first beautiful home. All in all it was a good and busy year.  

I am really looking forward to having all these photos printed in a book.