In keeping with my tradition of visiting fun places around Tokyo with my children, I give you an abbreviated "Disney Sea" edition. We went in November on a day that was predicted not to be so crowded (yes, there is a crowd predictor website you can consult), and it was great. The lines were relatively short (we only had to wait 25 minutes max, if you don't count waiting on the Fast Track line for Toy Story Mania) and it wasn't too hot or too cold. Perfect princess dress-wearing weather. 

I had no idea what to expect with Toy Story Mania. The only thing a friend had told me was "It's the one thing you won't want to miss." We got there at 8AM and by the time we had gone through ticketing, we were guaranteed entry at 4PM. Wow. There are quite a few sites you can consult about the best plan of action when going to Tokyo Disney Sea (here is one, and another here), so I won't go into any details in this post.

Once we had secured our tickets, we stopped for a snack at a hot dog vendor, and then proceeded towards the Mermaid Lagoon, as my older daughter was keen to meet Ariel. Good thing we bought some popcorn first, as that kept the girls busy while we waited on line. Ariel was lovely and gracious, and turns out this was the highlight of my big girl's day. After all, it's not every day that you get to meet a Disney Princess, right? 

We passed through an area which reminded me of that Kevin Costner movie (maybe it was Mysterious Island?), and headed towards the Mermaid Grotto, where we planned to spend the rest of the morning until lunchtime. 

It was the perfect space for my girls, who get easily overwhelmed and do not do well with over-stimulation. They really enjoyed the small rides like the Jumping Jellyfish and the Blowfish Balloon Race. At lunch, we gave in and bought them desserts that came in cups the shape of Flounder and Sebastian. The highlight for my youngest was the Mermaid Lagoon Theatre, where they got to see a performance by Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian. My youngest, who loves Sebastian, held up her Sebastian cup every time "Sebastian" passed by her in the show, and for some reason this delighted her to no end. We even ran into Goofy after the show, which was another fun surprise. 

From there we decided to walk over to Aladdin's attractions at the Arabian Coast where the girls ran towards the two-storey Caravan Carousel. Apparently the "red carpet" is a coveted item on the carousel, as there is only one, but my little one was determined to ride on the Genie. I have to admit they haven't even watched the whole movie, but my youngest laughs hysterically whenever she sees the Genie.

We also went on the Jasmine's Flying Carpets, which was a slight disappointment for my oldest, who had been expecting to see Princess Jasmine appear. She asked me where Jasmine was, so I responded, "I'm not really sure. Princesses are very busy people. They have many responsibilities." This seemed to appease her, and she said in all seriousness, "Maybe she had to go somewhere far away on her flying carpet." Luckily Princess Daisy saved the day. 

Oh! I totally forgot to talk about their clothes. When my husband finally agreed to take the girls to Disney Sea for their birthdays, which are both toward the end of the year, I faced a dilemma. There was only one princess dress that fit both girls. So what is a sewing mom supposed to do? 


That's right. Whip out her Cascade Maxi Dress pattern and spend the night sewing and hope that she remembers to cut all the loose threads.

I think she was happy with it. 

We walked past the Indiana Jones Adventure to head over to the Steamer Line. I'll be honest with you. By this time it was only about 3:30PM but my husband and I were exhausted. We looked at one another and I am sure the same thing was going through our minds: "I am SO ready to go home." But there was still the matter of the Toy Story tickets and I was curious about Aquatopia

The Steamer line landed us elsewhere, and we wanted to give the girls the opportunity to chat with the Turtle from Nemo so we decided to skip Aquatopia. By the time we got to the Turtle attraction, the line was a bit too long (45 minutes, which was longer than we had waited for any ride all day), and so we ended up passing on this one, too. In hindsight, we should have done it because the attraction will be closed from February until May of next year.

We took a break and watched the gondolas going by (and my little one took the opportunity to finish the popcorn in her Mr. Potato Head bucket) before heading off. 

We arrived at the attraction a little earlier than 4PM, so the girls had a look around the gift cart and my husband and I wondered where all the time had gone, as it was starting to get dark already. 

We were entertained by Mr. Potato Head until it was time to enter Toy Story, and that proved to be a hit with the children. But Toy Story Mania! Wow, now THAT was totally worth the wait. Both girls loved it and were so excited about the 3D effects. It was a wonderful way to finish our day at Disney Sea.

We didn't stay for the Colors of Christmas Show, as we thought the girls would be too exhausted. So instead we admired the Christmas tree and set off for home. 

Needless to say, they slept incredibly well that night. As did I.