Big news on the blog today! When I started this blog over 6 years ago, I had no clue what I was doing, I just knew I wanted to share my passion with however wanted to listen. I picked a name without thinking about it too much, Petit a Petit in french means little by little and I thought that I would share with you every day little by little my creations, my favourite designers, some of my knowledge. Unfortunately petitapetit was taken so I added "and family" because I wanted it to be for kids and their families.

Today, I figured out what the family part was destined to be... But first, I will be switching the blog and my shop over to a new platform in the next couple of weeks. I am thinking a new year, a new space, a fresh start. I am also thinking I don't want to be blogging all by myself anymore! Blogging can get lonely and I would love for my blog/ website to have a family, a family of contributors! So the big news is that I am looking for friendly faces to come join me in this new adventure. I have great ideas and plans but I realize I cannot do it on my own.

Do you love the world of design and fashion? Maybe you are into crafting or photography? Or you like art and colours!  Or children's books and toys is your thing. If you think you fit the Petit a Petit vibe and can commit to at least 1 post a month, shoot me an email at celinabailey[at] and  let me know who you are, what ideas you have, I am open to suggestions and possibilities. Looking forward to hearing from you! Please contact me by Dec 16th and you should hear from me by dec 21st. Thanks so much!