I hope you all had a fun a spooky halloween? We sure did! Halloween costumes are a year long discussion at our home and so the year started out with the idea that the kids would dress as Asterix & Cleopatra but then the kids discovered the movie the Book of Life and my daughter wanted to be "scary" and go as La Muerte. My son was a little more undecided and choose to be a vampire at the last minute. He wanted to be Michael Jackson but I wasn't ready to tackle that project, maybe next year! 

My daughter had a very specific idea of what she wanted her costume to be like. I tried to trick her a few times, some things she let go of and other's I had to make an extra effort! 

First, her hat! We found a large brown hat at the Halloween store- of course I had to paint it red and even the red I made was not bright enough but in the end she was ok with it. I added flowers and plastic skulls as well as some greenery and feathers. I couldn't find any pink featherw! I convinced MissE that the pink lace I had in my stash looked a lot like the doily patterns on La Muerte's hat and I think it was a nice interpretation of it. I also made some paper caddles and thank goodness it didn't rain that night. I was supposed to make candles to go all around the hat, but ran out of time!

As for the dress I used the Goodall Cardigan pattern and modified it. I glue gunned some flowers and voila! I left the edges raw and didn't bother too much with the details of the dress. MissE actually insisted on the fabric being stretch! I also didn't make it as long as the original La Muerte's dress knowing she would have to wear it to ballet class and walk in it all night. I also added a few of the skulls at the bottom of the dress to mimic the original design. 

I also got an inexpensive long black hair "witch" wig to imitated La Muerte's hair.

Now face painting is not my forte! I was actually a little nervous about recreating this costume because of the face paint. Lucky me I found some stickers and just had to paint the face white and the blue eyes. MissE wore her costume to ballet that morning, so the stickers started to unstick after eating, drinking and playing all day but held up pretty well ( these photos were taken at the end of the day). I ended up removing the ones around her mouth and drawing on the "smile".

Mister M's costume was a lot easier to put together. We already had a magician cape and I just added a pointy collar as well as the red ribbon around his neck. He already had a white button short shirt, so we used that. Finally, I made him a pair of basic black pants (which he didn't have) with the Morocco pattern. I can't believe it took me only an hour to sew! I did leave out the welt pockets. The fit was really good o my son, I was worried the size 8 would be too big since he so skinny, but the leg and thighs looked amazing. 

 A little white face paint, some darker eyebrows and some vampire teeth and we were almost done!

I added some blood to the side of his mouth, which he was a little unsure about. hehe I also added some black spray to his hair but my the time we took these photos the black had disappeared and he didn't want me to apply any more as the spray was stinky and got into his mouth. Yuk!

Finally, I drew some eyes on his eyelid so he would never sleep! Which made for a fun and spooky video.

Happy Halloween from Celina Bailey on Vimeo.

These kids their roles seriously. I couldn't get MissE to crack a smile! And MisterM wanted to hide in the dark. 

We were lucky this year and had some milder weather, so the kids wore warm sweaters under their costumes instead of winter coats like most years. We did have crazy winds and rain a couple of days before which totally ruined our outdoor decorations. 

And like every year we each had a pumpkin. Can you guess who designed which pumpkin? 

We had the cutest little bumble bee and spiderman join us for trick or treating. 

All in all it was a chill and pretty awesome time! Now we start discussing what they will dress as next year!