The Goodall Cardigan is now available and it's free! Here is how you can get it... press play!

If you are wondering how it got it's name, well I thought it looked like a vintage college/ university cardigan and so I went looking for famous scientist and fell on Jane Goodall. It was an easy choice after that. Bonus, she is Canadian! After all this cardigan is good for all occasions. 

This is a loose fitting cardigan, perfect for layering and keeping warm this winter. My kids live in theirs. You can check out all the details for fabric and notions in my shop

The pattern works really well with sweatshirt fleece. I used rib for the waistband and cuffs for this panda cardigan which turned out nicely. I used the flat bias to finish my seams on the inside- this is why you see a seam all along the neckband. You can see the inside below.  Note to myself, don't use old vintage bias tape next time- it can be stained, frail and hard to sew with.

I recommend this method for thicker knits, it makes the sewing a lot easier. 

I used a boucle knit for my son's cardigan. This had some more stretch to it then the panda fleece, although no lycra. So I went ahead and stabilized the shoulder seams to avoid them stretching during wear. If you choose a knit with a lot of stretch to it, I recommend sizing down one size in the width.

I recommend using some waistband stabilizing ribbon or clear elastic but i din't have any on hand, so I used some bias tape. It worked quite well.

I used the regular bias method to hide my seams in this one. As you can see it replaces an overlock edge. 

I made this one a while ago. 

I added some elbow patches and instead of buttons I used some lace for the closure. 

I also made this a long time ago. You can see the original post here. I used snaps this time and added a decorative patch.

This pattern works really well for upcycling and recycling old sweaters. 

I used the original hem for the front and back. 

I can't even tell you how many times I've used this pattern! I hope you will too. To get your free copy you must join the Facebook group here:

If you would rather buy it, you can find in my shop...

Happy Sewing! And I hope to see you in the FB group, it's a pleasant little group!