A little over a month ago I had the great privilege of spending a weekend with my family filled with lots of fun tennis activities. I got to test drive a Mazda which my kids still talk about. The kids and I got to try out some new tennis rackets and play tennis for the first time. Finally, my husband and I got to see Murray & Djokovic in the Montreal Rogers Cup finals. This was definitely a weekend we won't forget! 

Here is a little video giving you a taste of everything we did. 

We got to pick up the Mazda on Thursday and by the time we got home, it was already too late to go out and play tennis. We still managed to have a little fun and got creative with the car's headlights and took some funny and experimental photos. 

It ended it up raining all day Friday, I can't tell you how disappointed we all were. The kids and I couldn't wait to get that sunroof open and hit the tennis courts. Finally, mother nature listened and not only was Saturday a beautiful but one of the hottest days of the summer.  

We took the car for a spin, so smooth and with all the fancy features it was going to be hard to go back to our old car! The kids favourite besides the sun roof had to be the computer screen and the talking GPS system. I have to say the sound system was quite appreciated too! 

The kids tried to find their best tennis outfits for the occasion. I think we did pretty good! It's a good thing I am hoarder because I found some wrist bands to complete the looks. 

We had a lot fun and the kids are looking to going to Tennis Camp next year! 

We dropped the kids of with my sister on Sunday and my husband and I had a day to ourselves, something that doesn't happen very often. 

We got to the Uniprix Stadium a little early and got to walk around the venue. We saw the courts being prepped and the warm up session. 

We got to see the double's finals, as well as the single's final. It is such a different experience watching a game live as it is watching it on TV. If you are a tennis enthusiast, I highly recommend you go watch a game, even if it's not the finals. This is definitely something I would love to attend again.

The Murray and Djokovic match was such a nail biter. Despite the excruciating heat they mustered the energy to play a high energy game. 

It was Murray for the win!

The kids were a little disappointed they didn't see us on the television but were happy to have us back. They are also still disappointed we gave the Mazda back. Now every Mazda we see, they remind me how cool the red one we had was. I have to say I miss it too. 

Thank you Mazda Canada for giving my family a weekend to remember! We are looking forward to more tennis filled weekends next summer. 

***This post was sponsored by Mazda Canada. I got to test drive a Mazda and tickets to the Rogers Cup final in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you Mazda for the opportunity.