"Where do your baby teeth go?" a children's book by Vilasinee Bunnag, illustrated by Yasmin Doctor. 

Earlier this summer I received this lovely book "Where do your baby teeth go?" that explores the traditions that go along with loosing baby teeth around the world.

When I grew up, whenever I would loose a tooth, I would stick it under my pillow and "la petite souris" a little mouse came and left me a few coins. This is what the french tradition is. 

When I had kids and it was their turn to loose their teeth, things got complicated! In the Canadian tradition it is a fairy that comes around but I kept telling my kids that the little mouse was coming. And they looked at me really confused. So I ended up telling them that maybe it was maybe a fairy mouse! They proceeded to tell me that it was Peter Pan who came for the boys and Tikerbell for the girls here in Canada. Ah ok! 

So when we read the book, we all learnt that there were different traditions in every country. It was really fascinating. I learnt a few things myself. 


Each kid had their different favourite traditions- MissE likes the Swedish one maybe because it is a little girl and the tradition is very similar to the North American one, where you put your tooth in a glass of water and wake up with some money under your pillow. MisterM like the Japanese way, maybe because you get to throw your teeth out the window!  

And since we've been loosing so many teeth this summer, it's been fun to take the book out every time and ask the kids which tradition they wanted do. They usually like to stick to the Canadian way.

MisterM did loose a tooth while we were on vacation at the beach and he totally remembered what the tradition was in the Gulf of Guinea. So we drew 7 circles in the sand and while my husband sang the kids danced within the circles. Since MisterM didn't step out of the circles, this means his tooth will grow straight. We really had so much fun. 

This book has become a favourite around here. Not only is it interesting and educational but it is beautifully drawn too. It is also interactive and has fun little activities as well.  

The book is printed in the US and available on the Mighty Twenty e-shop (http://www.mightytwenty.com/) and at Nordstrom. There are fun keepsakes in the shop too such as fairy pillows, journals, tattoos, etc... I think this would make a lovely gift to put under the pillow. 

I would love to hear where your baby teeth go? 

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