Surprise!!! My good friend Laura of Titchy Threads / Craftstorming just had a baby girl and I am thrilled to be part of this virtual baby shower the ladies at Paris Social put together for her. I have to say sewing this baby stuff has me wishing I was pregnant again.

Password: laura

Surprise from Celina Bailey on Vimeo.

I made 2 little outfits: one sized 3 months for the end of summer and one 6-12 months for the winter/ spring time.

I figured if the weather wasn't warm, little Willow could wear this one with chunky tights and that the sweater and hat would keep her warm.

First part of the outfit is the reversible cap. I wonder if MissE could pull this look off. I am kind of smitten with this! 

Next I made a sunsuit. I know Laura doesn't love pink, but I couldn't resist putting a touch of girl power to the outfit! I put some snaps at the bottom of the sunsuit for easy diaper change. 

Lastly, I made a small cardigan from an old cashmere sweater of mine. Every baby deserves the softest possible sweater. And the common theme through out the outfit is the little black floral fabric. 

I really hopes this fit, as I have never sewed anything this small and all these patterns are self drafted. If not I am sure Willow will have a doll she can hand these items down to. 

For the second outfit, I went with some more good layering pieces and slightly warmer fabric choices. 

First up, is my Tip pattern. I made the top length in the 6-12month size. Willow will most probably be able to wear this as a dress first and then into a tunic and top. I really do love items that grow with the baby, especially when they are this small they grow so fast.

I paired it with some wool bloomers. A pattern I made a long long time ago. Anyone interested? I have them graded from size 3 months to 6 years? 

And no I didn't knit the hat or tights, but I wanted to complete the outfit and found these cute items at Joe Fresh. 

Please go see all the other wonderful creations that have been made for this baby shower... what a lucky little girl!

I hope I will have a chance to meet Willow soon! And I just wanted to congratulate Laura & Mark once again. And now I need to negotiate and convince my husband for the possibility of having a third! Sewing for a baby is wayyyyy to fun!