We are jumping for joy here at Petit a Petit and Family, the Tip Top Dress Pdf Pattern has been released and is ready to be shared with the world! 

The TIP is a flowy, loose fitting top, tunic or dress. It comes with many options which make the possibilities endless.  Apparently it's addictive too ( according to my testers). I bet you can't make just one!

So let's talk about all the pattern comes with...

This is a great pattern to learn new techniques, such as sewing in a curve & french seams, adding simple welt or side seam pockets. Don't be frightened it's all very easy and great for a confident beginners! The pattern comes with detailed instructions and is a pretty fast sew too with beautiful results. 

The elasticized neckline makes it easy to put on and off. You can make it with side panels and have fun with colour blocking or with placing your print in a creative way. Add some piping for a pop of colour and whimsy!

You can choose to put welt pockets ( super easy to sew) in the panel seams or side seam pockets. Who doesn't love pockets? 

The pleated neckline makes the style slightly more sophisticated. This would make a great party dress as well as an everyday one. It is extra comfortable and will become a quick favourite, I promise!

The pleated version comes with a keyhole and button opening at the back. 

Here you can see the Tip as a top. Also the lighter your fabric is the more drape the top/ dress will have. 

Try adding cute trims to the sleeves or hem! 

The sleeves are circular and fall with such grace. You can make a single sleeve or go all out and make it a double. Also, you can choose to make the bias as the neckline visible or hidden.  

Look how lovely this tunic by Sara of Made by Sara is!

Some more beautiful double sleeves with the side panels and elasticized neckline here. 

And a close up of the welt pockets. Thank you Naii, more details of this dress are HERE.

I will have all my testers version on the blog next week, you will not want to miss this posts, I cannot tell you how gorgeous all the tips are. 

Here are some more technicals details. You can purchase the pattern in my big cartel shop HERE or directly on my blog HERE. It's on special at 7$ for the next two weeks and will be at its regular price of 8$ after that. 

Next week I will be sharing all the absolutely beautiful version my testing group made. Also I will be posting a few tutorials in the following weeks showing you even more possibilities such as different ways to sew the sleeve and neckline, a few different colour blocking options. Just fun ways to maximize the patterns capabilities and to inspire you to find your own. I am telling you, you will not be abe to make just one! You might even be able to make one for yourself. 

Here are a few (lots) more photos...

Proof that you can do any type of activities with the Tip Top Dress...

Have a great weekend and Happy sewing!
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