Two posts in 3 days! Wohoo I hope you are as excited as I am? Maybe this means I am getting my creative mojo back! Nothing like a pattern hack and sewing with amazing fabric to get you back into the sewing and blogging mood! So I am here today to present to you my second pattern hack for The Great Pattern Hack blog hop hosted by my sweet friend Melissa of a Happy Stitch  co hosted with Michael Miller Fabrics. If you missed my first post be sure to check it out!

I was initially going to play around with just one pattern, but when I saw that my good friend Laura's from Titchy Threads pattern was on the list I just couldn't resist! I think I've hacked most of Laura's patterns in the past- the Fancy Pants Leggings into a jumpsuit, her Small Fry skinny jeans into a dress, her Rowan tee into two different dresses. And I have sewn the Twisted Trousers recently but with no hack, so I figured now was the time. I thought of making a jumpsuit from it or even skirt but when I choose my fabric from The Glitz Garden Collection I knew right away what I was going to do. No major crazy alterations like you are used to seeing from me, but rather small ones, after all these Twisted Trousers are pretty special as is and I didn't want to make them all that different. 

 As I was looking through the Michael Miller fabric collections the Eart  GLITZ BAR  jumped at me and reminded me of the outside of a watermelon. Laura had made a pair of Watermelon Twisted Trousers on her blog Crafstorming a while back and I thought how fun it would be to complement hers with my version! 

For my hack... I made the side pockets a little bigger so you could see more of the pink fabric. I changed the shape of the back pockets. I also twisted the legs even more at the front seam and added a rib cuff at the hem. Not too many changes but just enough to make this pattern just as I wanted.

Like I mentioned previously, the fabric is from Michael Miller's Glitz Garden Collection  I chose the Eart Glits bar which is a light kaki green fabric with uneven gold stripes. It comes in some awesome other color combinations too. If I didn't have the watermelon theme going, I would have totally picked the Aqua and gold option. I have some left over and can't wait to make MissE a fancy little dress with it. What I love most about this fabric is it's feel, it is so silky and smooth. The drape is lovely too, it has that perfect weight for summer clothing. I also love that the gold is very subtle and not too shiny. 

The pink/ shel colored fabric is from their Cotton Couture collection and part of the Garden Glitz too. Well  let me just say, I am not sure how I will ever sew with another solid cotton again. This Cotton Couture stuff is sooooo good and soft and smooth and light and a pleasure to work with and and and... No wonder everyone raves about it! Oh did you see I hacked the fabric too and added some tiny polka dots on the back pockets only. 

What do you think of these pants? They are shiny and gold and yet feel very casual to me, which is what I was going for. They have a Run DMC vibe thingy going or maybe just an Addidas look to them! It's probably the black and gold, I was aiming for a track pant look too! As soon as MissE put them on she said she was a "cool dude Dj"! Hehe I am not sure where these 5 year old gets their ideas but I think she might be onto something! I should have styled the outfit with a big $ necklace. 

As for the photos, we started out in our backyard and went for a walk in our neighborhood chasing the sunset. So you will see how the sun changed from 7:30 to 8:30 as you scroll through the photos. There are so many again, I had a hard time narrowing them down. 

We just love the Twisted Trousers, they are the most comfortable or so I am told and the fit is awesome. I am super picky about prints and fabrics but I just love how these turned out! And if you wonder why I don't ask MissE to smile.... Well because I get the photo below! 

I hope you enjoyed my back to back hacks! It has been so much fun playing around with some amazing patterns and sewing with some top notch fabric. I highly recommend you check all the indie pattern designers And of course have a look at the amazing selection of fabric Michael Miller has,there is something for everyone! 
So Here is the list of all the bloggers on the blog hop, I strongly suggest you take a look everything so far has been lovely. I feel so very lucky to amongst them and can't thank Melissa and Kait at Michael Miller enough for inviting me. 

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