I am very excited to show you what I've been up too lately... A couple of months ago I got invited by the ever so sweet and talented Melissa of a Happy Stitch to take part on a blog tour entitled The Great Pattern Hack co hosted with Michael Miller Fabrics. Ummm, how do you say no to that? First, I love to hack patterns and make them my own and secondly, I had never sewn with ML fabric before and had hear only good things about them. So off on the adventure I went. 

First to pick an indie pattern to hack... for my first hack ( yes I have two, one more on Monday!) I choose the ever so lovely Sunki Dress by Figgy's Pattern. I think it was one of the first PDF patterns I fell in love with. Why I haven't sewn with it before, I HAVE NO IDEA! I absolutely love the side panels and pockets and just the overall look. Well, I made it into a jumpsuit. I simply cut the pattern in two at the waist and added some shorts to the bottom. I also modified the back so MissE could get in and out of it as she pleased. I had planned to sew the short sleeve option but once I had sewn it all together I felt like the no sleeve look was more appropriate for the summer vibe I was going for. To compensate for the no sleeve I had to take the sides in by about 1" on each side. No worries, I ended up unstitching pretty much everything to make everything fit as I had envisioned it. I made my fair share of stupid mistakes with this hack, but in the end I and the kid love it!

Next, choosing the fabric... I don't often buy fabric online, this was a pretty foreign experience for me, I think I managed ok in the end.  It was so hard to choose from all th fabrics but how could I resist such a cute tiger for my Katy Perry fan? It's called Growl and designed by Thomas Paul. I had such a hard time choosing the color, but in the end I went with the graphite since it fit the nicest with the plum Pavilion Stripes ( also by Thomas Paul ) stripes I chose. MissE looks good in shades of purple.

 I just adore the size of the tigers, just large enough to make a statement but not too big you don't know how to cut your fabric. The hand and weight is just lovely. I cannot believe MissE wore this all day and it looked just as good when we got home as it did when we left.

As for the photoshoot, I was going to bring the kids to a park that has mist coming from the ground and thought it would be fun to take pictures there. Well it looks like the mist wasn't working when we got there, so instead we walked around and found many more photo opportunities. This area of Montreal is great- a little bit of Old Montreal, Palais des Congres and Chinatown to finish. I will let the pictures do the talking... sorry for the overload, at least you get to see the jumpsuit in all it's shapes and forms!

MissE absolutely loves her Tiger Jumpsuit, so much so she didn't want to take it off when I had her try it on for a fitting. She kept asking me when I was done, which does not happen very often around here. 

Here are all the  other wonderful bloggers on the blog hop, I strongly suggest you take a look everything so far has just been lovely. I feel so very lucky to amongst them and can't thank Melissa and Kait at Michael Miller enough for inviting me. 

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Wednesday 7/1- Delia Randall: Delia Creates
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Monday 7/6- Rachael Gander: Imagine Gnats
Tuesday 7/7- Tamara Serrao: Kaya Joy
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Thursday 7/9- Laura Titchener: Craftstorming
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Thursday 7/16- wrap up! More giveaways on Making it Fun and A Happy Stitch!

Be sure to be back on Monday for my second hack... I couldn't resist making a second one when I saw one my friend's pattern was on the list. I've made them before, want to take a guess what they are... here is a sneak peek!

Have a great weekend!