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The Morocco Pant and Shorts ... 


When I first designed the Morocco pants and shorts I kept calling them the tuxedo pants. And when it came to choosing a name I did a little research, I would have loved to have called them "le Smocking" after Yves St-Laurent famous Tuxedo suit for woman, but that was a little inappropriate for children. So then I tried to find the first woman to wear a tuxedo suit. It turned out that one of the first was Marlene Dietrich in her first American movie "Morocco". Since I am of Moroccan descendants and I lived there as a child, it was a giving that that would be what I would call this pattern! So now you know!

Laurence from Ptit'Monstre

 Once the name is picked out and the pattern is graded, it needs to be tested and really this is probably the most important step of the entire process- without all these wonderful woman trying out the pattern and finding all the typos, missed notches, wrong lengths and fit, the end result would be entirely different. So today I wanted to show you all the wonderful version my testers made and give you an idea how versatile this pattern can be.  From basic to crazy and wild! Perfect for boys and girls alike.  I hope you will check out these lovely ladies blogs, you can read what they have to say about the pattern and also discover all the other wonderful sewing they've been up to!

Also, the Morocco will be 20% until Saturday July 11th and will go back to it's regular price of 10$- so grab your copy now!

Such cool and classic style by Laurence of P'TITMONSTRES, she also made the awesome swan version up top. 

 Great color combo in this upcycled version by Saskia of VERA LUNA - perfect for jumping and swimming apparently!

Magda of HOUSE OF ESTRELA made two different versions, look how pretty it is inside and out! 

Andreia of IN A MANNER OF SEWING also made an upcycled version for her son. I love the different colors and fabric in this one.  Oh I can't get over that smile!

Emi of JUST ADD FABRIC made soooo many wonderful versions. It's thanks to her that I added the different  fly and waistband options. You'll have to check her instagram @KONALUMIMAMA for many more photos.

 Kelly of CASA CRAFTY made the coolest Star Wars pair of shorts. My son and daughter would flip over these!

Chelsie of CHELSIE BRADY made these super cute shorts ( they started out as pants) for her son. I love the soft yellow and seersukers mix, such a great combo!

Naii of DIARI OF NAII made two super sweet pairs. We got the sizes confused ( my fault) luckily she had a son who was the right size. I love the details and colors in these, what workmanship too!

Diana of MISS CASTELINHOS made these wonderful pair for her son. I just love her choice of fabric and colors- sooo good! And the fit is spot on. 

Vanessa of PASS FAIL ( so happy I got a pass) made these simple yet stylish pants for her son. You can never go wrong with blue and black! 

Roser of PTITGAT made a super comfortable pair, perfect for running, playing and wearing everyday!

Julie of OUR CHEZ NOUS made this fun 2 tone denim shorts... right on trend! 

Teri of FA SEW LA made the perfect fitting pair of the basic option. Love the contrasting waistband and pockets on these.  


Megan of ANGYLFREE made a super girly version and it turned out great! 

Maria of CREATIVEWARMTH did a simple version with contrasting welt- sweeeeeeeeet! 

Here are some more tester version too... 














I can't thank my testers enough, thank you for your hard work and patience. You all outdid yourselves and this pattern is awesome because of you!

Get your Morocco pattern HERE or HERE. Don't forget it's on sale until July 11th! 
Happy Sewing!