I am on the Twisted Tuesday blog tour today hosted by Laura of Crafstorming/ Titchy Threads and I have sewn the Twisted Trousers. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you already know how much I love all of Laura's patterns. These are no exception. Actually, I think these might actually be my favourite pattern of hers yet! 

The pattern comes with many lovely details, the first being the twisted side and inseam which makes this pattern very unique. Next, it's fully reversible if you wish. It has lot's of pocket options too. A rib waist for extra comfort. I decided to go as simple as possible: no pockets and I even made a faux tie at the waist! 

I used a gorgeous nani IRO double gauze, from Miss Matatabi's which I've had since last year. It was destined for a Ash jumpsuit but I never got around to it and I think this turned out much better. I wanted to accentuate the twist and added a faux piping, because I didn't have any piping and was too lazy to make my own. I simply cut a small strip, about 3cm wide and the length of the pants which I then folded in half. It's made from a waterproof neon pink fabric I've been hoarding for far too long. That was destined to be a raincoat and might still be one day! 

Inspired by the floral wreath on the fabric, I decided to make MissE a crown. Luckily, my husband had bought me a bouquet of daisies the week before. Perfect!

The top, I sewed a few years back and still love it! You can read more about it HERE, it's from one of my favourite Japanese Sewing books. 

The sandals are from Zara, from a few seasons ago (they were hand me downs).

I highly recommend this pattern. The fit is spot on. The patterns pieces and instructions are flawless. And you can make these in no time- especially my version! Both my kids favourite pj bottoms are made from the Twisted Trousers, I can't seem to wash them fast enough. And if I haven't convinced you yet, check out everyone else on the tour and see all the wonderful versions out there:

May 5th: Art Bella / Made by Toya / 

You HAVE to check out my good friend Ines post today, because she is amazing, has impeccable taste & flair and is super funny. Her post are always so much fun to read and of course look at. Oh and she also made black floral Twisted Trousers! We also had a little too much fun each coming up with these collages of our daughters, so you need to check hers out too on her sewing blog La Folie Sewing Booth.  Hopefully one day they will actually meet. 

Happy Sewing!