If you ask my kids what my favourite color is, they will answer GREEN. I'm not sure why they say this. I've never really thought green was my favourite but I think they are onto something ( especially if aqua falls under the green category too!). So here are a few green things that have caught my eye recently... you might notice the "leafy" theme too. 

Gorgeous photoshoot with shoes from Anais & i ( photo above and check out their swimsuits- too cute) and much much more goodness like the above dress from Wolfchild ( one of my favourites), over at Babiekins. I want it all... 

Ummm, I might be baking my own cake this year. Check out this cool DIY wallpaper cake over at Alana Jones-Mann. I mean, seriously? 

Oh and I will take the matching sweatshirt to eat the cake please. Over at Weekday via Design Love Fest.

Have you checked out the Smallable Magazine yet? The cool kid shop issues a mag with all their products every season, I want it all... yup. 

And I wouldn't mine plastering this wallpaper in my new sewing room/ office. Or perhaps the entire house!!! Via Cole & Son.