The Morocco Pant and Short pattern is finally out! For a limited time it's 20% off ( no code needed) so take advantage. What the deal with these pants? Well for starters you can make a cute stylized tuxedo or a basic pair of shorts or pants. There are also 3 different waistband options. Slanted side pockets for some fun color blocking or print coordinating. Also the hems can be finished with a nice facing or a regular rolled hem. And that's not all! You can make some lovely double welt pockets and add a flap to that. Or perhaps you are the lazy type ( like me) and would rather make some faux flap pockets. The pattern comes with a zipper fly opening, but you can opt for the faux fly as well. So many possibilities!!! Did I mention they are great for girls and boys? 

Also the pattern comes with a step by step illustrated tutorial. Learn how to sew a zipper fly and some welt pockets. It's fun I promise!For lot's more information check out the shop HERE.

So let's have a little closer look at all the options. First up is the Tuxedo Style Short...

Here you can see the double welt pockets with the flaps. Also this is option B, it has the fitted waistband which gives you the opportunity to make the waistband the right size. It's magic! 

You can choose to finish the inside waistband with some pretty bias tape.

They look just as good on the inside as they do out. Most of the techniques in this pattern are of traditional men's wear. 

Here you can see the hem facing! You can even turn the shorts or pants up for a cute pop of colour. 

The following are the Basic Pant. 

You can see the fit is slim but not skinny. The waist falls below the natural waist. These are great for school uniforms or for some basic dressy pants. I think they would be pretty cool in fleece too! 

The waistband here is the regular one and you have the option of adding an adjustable elastic for a better fit. 

Next up is the Flat Front, Faux Fly and Elasticized Waistband.

This is a great beginners project! One of my testers Emi gave me the idea and I think it's a great addition. You can make these with the Tuxedo style too. 

Basically there is no fly, just the illusion of one and both the front and back waistband are one piece. Easy breezy. 

The cute slanted pockets are not optional, they come with every style. 

The back waistband has the adjustable elastic, giving these shorts and pants longer lives. 

And the faux flap back pockets add a nice touch. Those are basically 4 straight seams. 

You can make these in so many different types of fabric. I use a denim for the coral/pink/red tuxedo shorts, an upholstery fabric from Ikea for the checkered black and white pants and a light weight rayon for these. 
I've sewn a few in the past, you see them HEREHERE and HERE. There have some changes but all in all they've stayed pretty much the same since the beginning. 

I am really excited to see all the different versions you all create so don't forget to use #moroccopants and #petitapetitpatterns.
And can you believe this is my first official Petit a Petit pattern? All the others were part of some collaboration! Exciting times and many more to come I hope.

So what are you waiting for? The Petit a Petit Pattern shop is HERE or buy directly from HERE.

Thanks so much to all my testers, friends and family for they help, patience and support. Happy Sewing!