We visited the Westmount Greenhouse a couple of weeks ago, one of our favourite winter getaways here in Montreal. I needed to take some photos for my

DIY of this Easy Bohemian Dress

I prepared for the

Sewing Rabbit

( which is live today). We just love to be surrounded by all the exotic trees and flowers. The kids have fun looking for all the fallen flowers and make bouquets. They also enjoy watching the fishes and turtles in the pond. Here are some photos I took during our visit and if you are in Montreal, I strongly recommend you pass by this lovely place. It is not the Botanical Gardens or anything touristy, just a low key greenhouse with good vibes and a peaceful environment. There are more photos on the 

Sewing Rabbit 

 website, as well as a step by step tutorial for making the dress MissE is wearing. 

If you are interested in making this dress for your daughter or perhaps even yourself, check out the

Sewing Rabbit

for the easy tutorial and step by step instructions. All you will need are 7 rectangles, a little bit of elastic and sewing lot's of straight lines. Perfect for warmer weather or as a swimsuit cover up and super quick to sew too.