Oh boy, I've taken a long blogging break.  I have to say that this cold winter we've been having here in Montreal has left me quite uninspired. However, I've been busy working behind the scenes. Let me tell you a little about it... Maybe the title should have been The Adventures of MommyC!

First, I've been working with Jess on STYLO issue no.04- expected date May15th. In the mean time come and join our FB group STYLO & Gang, a nice place to chat, inspire and get inspired by fellow Stylo Enthousiast who love sewing modern clothes for their kids.

THIS WAY: https://www.facebook.com/groups/styloandgang/

Next, I am working on the release of both a boy and girl colorblock reversible swimsuit: the Azur Bathing Suit & The Cloud 9 - both of these are collaborations with Laura from Titchy Threads ( check out her new Twisted Trousers, I tested them and they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G).

I am working on the Friday Dress and the Morocco Pants as well. Look out for the tester call in the coming week on my FB page.

Oh and have you been following along with SHAM OF THE PERFECT? SO many amazing photos every week. I feel so lucky to be part of such an awesome project. Come and share you everyday moments on IG with #shamoftheperfect or even on the FB page.

And as part of my film making class Creating Time Capsules with the amazing Xanthe, I made this little Video... P.S. she is giving another class which starts tomorrow, check it out! And you might want to look at her films, they are so inspiring and just lovely!

McDonald Park | Winter 2015 from Celina Bailey on Vimeo.

Next week I am taking a photography course with Summer Murdock- I am so excited! However, my camera broke so hopefully I'll find a new one on Monday!

If you ever miss me, I am always on Pinterest and if you ever want to know what I am up to check out my Instagram.

Wishing you all a wonderful thursday!