With a new year comes new ideas and resolutions, right? I don't usually make resolutions, however I feel like this year I need to set goals and start projects so I don't end up doing nothing. I always have a hundred idea I want to do and then never accomplish anything. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of making mistakes... yup all three. However, by putting it out there and committing to group projects and blog series is the only way I get things done. I know pathetic, this is another thing I am working on this year. I think you might have noticed that I've been working really hard at improving my photography skills. I've taken multiple classes in last four months and I am finally getting a grasp on taking photos in manual mode. I really want to apply what I've learnt and push myself to take more creative and better photos, so I started a photo journal. It's called Least Little Thing ( yes like my tumblr) because it's the little things that make the up our daily lives, the details, the moments in between. I will be posting daily, I've decided to start a 365 project where I post a photo every day, also I am trying to do a 52 project again and post a portrait of my kids every week. I'll be sharing bit's and pieces of our daily lives, I will try and tell my families story through photos. I will be posting old photos too, like MissE's ballet recital and our trip to Europe. You are more than welcome to follow my journey if you like. Here are a few photos I've taken so far... many more on the photo journal HERE.

I am also part of a new collaborative website called Sham of the Perfect, it is an international collective of photographers who are passionate about both family documentary photography and being mothers.  The intent is to tear down the sham of perfection shown in more idyllic work and present life, motherhood, families, childhood, and home as it actually is; full of flaws and full of beauty simultaneously. The blog will launch on Jan 12th and we will be sharing every week from then on. We also have a facebook page and Instagram account where you can tag your photo with #shamoftheperfect for a chance to be featured. We want to see your real family moments! I hope you will come join the in the fun. 
photo by Natasha Kelly
I also plan to make little videos this year, some of my family and some for this blog. I know these are just a few of the projects I am working on, should be fun! I am really excited to capture the everyday moments of our daily lives. Hopefully, I will be able to look back in 10, 20, 30 years from now and to never forget. My brain/ memory is just not what it used to be before I had kids.

Come back tomorrow for some Mini Hudson goodness!