I think I am longing for the warm summer months and they can't seem to be coming quick enough! Today might be the coldest day of the year and so I thought it would only be appropriate to talk about some beautiful swimsuits! I have got to keep finding ways to keep my soul happy. I am so happy I discovered the wonderful world of Gray Benko Photography, her photos are full of life and color and happy moments and the bonus part is that I got to discover some amazing swimwear by Marysia Swim through Gray's website.

These are probably not new to many of you, as it seems all the stars are wearing them and they have made the pages of most major fashion magazines. I must be living in a hole or maybe just in a world where winter last way too long and swimsuit season way too short! I just love the simplicity and quirky details as well as the choice of prints is fab too and I am loving the muted tones. You will find a great variety for the women's collections ranging from bikinis to tees and coveralls. The children's swimsuits are reversible which makes it extra fun. 

Have a look at their website for more details and I'll keep dreaming... 

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