We had the priviledge a couple of weeks ago to visit the Real Santa Claus at the Complexe Des Jardins here in Montreal! I only told my kids that morning that we were going to visit Le Pere Noel, 
and it was going to be their first time visiting him. Well it didn't go quite as I thought it would... 

I was delighted when I got a press invite in my inbox, I thought the kids would really enjoy the experience. I was pleasantly surprised with all the activities the Complese Des Jardins shopping mall provides for the kids during the holiday season. First up was the train ride. I don't know what it is with this train ride, but kids beg us to go on it every time. At this point MissE seemed very anxious to meet the big man and Mister M was just happy to go for  the ride. 

And off we went!

We were amongst a few other families, mostly small children and even a newborn, as we waited our turn, I could see Mister M was getting uneasy. He has been wanting to see Santa Claus for years. Even during the summer time he looks up in the sky and tries to spot him. I think the anticipations was just too much for him. He kept asking if he was the REAL Santa Claus. Of course he was. 

I really thought MissE would be the timid one, but she walked up and talked to Santa like if he was her best friend. He better bring her that doll she asked for!

MisterM refused to get up, he hid behind me. There was no just no convincing him. "That" kid was mine! 

Santa Claus got up from his chair and came to MisterM, crouched down and we were able to snap a pic. Look how tense Mister M is. 

We received some really nice photos of the kids and Santa, and even a placemat. The photographer and his team were great. MisterM wasn't the only kid who got overwhelmed, some were scared and they had lots tricks to get the kids to take some really lovely photos. 

The center offers many other activities until january 1st.  If you are in town, it's a great place to bring the kids and do so shopping while you are at it!  You can see the full schedule on their website HERE. One of the ongoing event is the amazing fountain show, seriously how high the water goes is phenomenal, you can see this on any given day.  There are talent shows and visiting choirs, many different activities planned for the kids. With 2 weeks off from school, I will be studying the upcoming events for sure. The kids and I actually really enjoy strolling downtown, so stopping in the Comple des Jardins and doing something specifically for them will be a big bonus. 

One of the fun things to do, is my kids favourite... a ride on the Carousel. It is a really pretty and authentic looking. We don't have them on every street corner like in Paris! 

The kids had fun getting some balloons and as much as we wanted to stay for the cooking show, we had to leave to meet up with their dad. 

The shopping center has put some great facilities together, with a family room, perfect for feeding babies and changing diapers or taking some time out from all the christmas madness that a shopping center can be. They also have strollers to lend out. A coat check. They really thought of everything. 

If you are in Montreal have a look at Le Royaume du Vrai Pere Noel and let me know, we could maybe meet up!

 Now isn't that the smile of two happy kids!!! Have your kids had the chance to meet the "real" Santa Claus?