"Little things, make big days" 
Isabelle Marant 

We picked up this "make your own felt doll" kit while in Paris over the summer. We had started it then but didn't get around to finishing it until a couple of weeks ago. This was MissE's first attempt at sewing. She was so determined, concentrated and felt a huge sense of accomplishment when she finished her little doll. Once she started she just had to finish. Of course she had moment of frustration, but with a little help from me we ended up with a cute doll and a very happy and proud kid. 

I was surprise how concentrated she was, we took only a few breaks. She learnt a few different ways to hand stitch. I was amazed how patient and precise she was. 

I helped MissE start and finish the ends, as well as stuffing the doll and adding the buttons. I am sure I could have let her do more.

It was a pretty relaxing way to spend a saturday morning. 

I only wish the quality of the felt was better in this kit, it's really too bad to spend so much time, only for the doll to fall apart only days after. MissE knows she fragile and takes good care of her. Her brother on the hand doesn't quite understand what delicate means! Thanks for stepping on her with your wet boots the other day. 

We will definitely be finding more sewing projects for the kids, MisterM was really interested too. If you have any kits or tutorials you've found to be fun and helpful pass them along in the comments! Thanks.