I received a email the other day asking me if I had a pattern for a peter pan collar I had done a couple years ago. One I had promised I would share on the blog and never did. It was for a christmas present for her daughters, so I scanned my pattern and created a pdf pattern for it in the days following. I figured I would share the pattern with all my readers too, sort of a Christmas present I guess. 

 It's not the most original pattern, it's pretty much a classic now, but I have a kids and adult version to share and instructions to make it reversible or one with NO sewing involved! For all my non sewing readers. This is a super quick sew and easy pattern to make. It can add some color and fun to an outfit. Make it in sequins or metallic leather/ pleather for a festive feel. Perfect for a New Years Party!

WHAT YOU NEED for the reversible version:

- Fabric || 

for kids { 35cm by 25cm } for adults { 40cm by 30cm }

- Interfacing ***optional recommended for flimsy or thin fabric

- 30 cm or more of Ribbon

- General sewing supplies

For the sewless version:

- Felt

- Suede or Leather || for kids { 35cm by 25cm } for adults { 40cm by 30cm }

- Heat bond ( the stronger the better) || for kids { 35cm by 25cm } for adults { 40cm by 30cm }

- Hook & Eye or 2 eyelets and 20 cm or more of ribbon

- General Sewing supplies

DOWNLOAD the free pattern...

Kid version HERE

and the

Adult version HERE


Step 1- cut 2 collars in desired fabric and 2 pieces of ribbon about 15cm long each.

Step 2- take one of the collar piece with the right side of the fabric facing up. Now pin your ribbon at the edge and at 1cm from the inner collar, as shown.

Step 3- Place your second collar piece on top of the first, the right side of the fabrics will be facing together. Make sure your ribbon is tucked inside both layers - you might want to pin it to the centre of the collar to avoid catching it while you sew. Pin both layers in place, all around. 

Step 4- Stitch all around at 1cm seam allowance and leave a small opening approximately 5cm wide at the centre back neckline. 

Step 5- Trim your seam to 0.5cm all around.

Step 6- turn your collar over through your opening. Close the opening with a slip stitch. Iron flat.


Step 1- Iron your leather and felt together with the heat bond. 

Step 2- 

Trace your pattern piece ( for the wider version follow the solid line, for a narrower version follow the dotted line) onto either side of the leather or  the felt.

Step 3- Cut inside the line you just traced. Try to make smooth and long scissor strides. 

Step 4-  (a) Sew your hook & eye on either side.


(b) place an eyelet on either side of your collar. Take your ribbon and make a knot at one end,  pass the ribbon through your eyelet. Repeat to the other side.

Take a sharpie and add some cute polka dots or designs on your fabric/ leather suede for a unique and whimsical collar.


I had too much time on my hands last night and wasn't sure I would have time to take photos this morning so I had a little fun in photoshop, since I never actually made this collar! I totally wish I had some fun sequins fabric on hand, it would make for a fun and festive little collar.