2014 was a crazy year! A year of many highs and lows, a year of firsts and lasts. A year I am happy to put behind me and start fresh. It was a crazy long year and what happened in the first 6 months feels like they happened two years ago! 


The year started with a bang, the first issue of STYLO came out. I am so proud of this project and it's definitely a highlight for me this year. We've had 2 more issues come out and you can expect more goodness for STYLO in 2015! 

I also went to Alt Summit and spoke on a Pinterest panel, but all that is a blur. I am just grateful for all the friends I got to meet and connect with. I really wish I could go back this year to maybe take better advantage of the business opportunities, but let's face it that is not my area of expertise. 

Next up was the Sewing Shades of Me sewing series, this was the first time I hosted a sewing series and probably last.  I was very happy to sew a little something for me and it looks like you all loved it too as this was my most viewed post of the year! 

Considering my New Years resolution was to sew more for me, I managed to make 3  things... that is 2 more than last year, so I say I was successful! My Nani Iro post was the third most viewed... are you telling me I should sew more for myself? Ummm, not sure it's going to happen! 

Soon after that I got the SURPRISE of a bloggers lifetime with the "What would Celina Do?" series. I still cannot believe Laura from Craftstorming orchestrated that and you can see what everyone created HERE. I am not sure I still understand what happened there or that I am over that shock! 

I was part of Joann's first emag publication and showed you how to dip dye like a pro. All the while I was working on creating my first PDF patterns ( the Ash jumpsuit pictured above). 

I did some random blog post and more sewing... a surprise baby shower and a small fry remix.

Oh and Project Run & Play... remember that? I am not sure how I feel about that experience. Let's just put this way, I am extremely proud of what I created and I love how this competition pushed me to do things I dreamt of. However, I never doubted myself so much and being on the bottom week after week was no fun at all. This competitions has me doubting my design and sewing capabilities to this day. 

Can you believe this was all earlier this year? And we aren't even half way through the year. All the while this competition was going, I lost my job. I am thankful for it now, as I get to work from home and have a flexible schedule but let's just say the timing was not good for my fragile ego!

Another huge project and months of work as well as many sleepless nights was the Willow & Co Glamping Collection. 2014 was the year were I released my first pdf patterns, the Ash jumpsuit and the Elm poncho. I also helped a lot with the Mulberry Tunic and the Kudzu pants and of course putting the entire project off the ground. I poured my heart and soul into this project, I think I am still recuperating! I am no longer part of the Willow & Co team, I've decided to put all that effort into my own projects this year. You can find my patterns for sale HERE now. 

And then there were more blog post and more sewing...

This Vintage May post was my second most viewed. I know you are all waiting for the swimsuit pattern to be released... life got in the way and a long vacation in europe too but I promise it is coming out early in 2015. 

The second part of the year was a lot less eventful, more sewing, more posts and some new photo skills up my sleeve.

2014 was the year I got a cricut machine...

and sewed some more...

And I manage to do 1 tutorial for one of my very last post. 

It's also the year I posted on Instagram quite a bit and even have a few more sewing projects on there that never made the blog and lot's of family moments.

136 blog post, something like 40 outfits sewn and a roller coaster ride of emotions... What can you expect next year? Only time will tell. I can promise more STYLO issues, more random blog posts about my favourite designers and the things that inspire me, probably some more sewing and at least 2 pdf patterns ( the Azur and Cloud Nine swimsuit patterns). My New Years resolutions are to keep things more simple, I have a tendency to overcomplicate things, I am going to try and not to overthink things too much. I really just want to go with the flow, stay true to myself and most importantly I am going to work hard on believing in myself. 

I would love to hear what you want to see more of in 2015 and I'll do my best to make it happen. Also, what are your New Years resolution, let me know I might want to jump on the bandwagon too. 

Now I am sooooo ready for 2015!!!