On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me... 2 Turtle Doves [ Bags ].

I am taking part of in a fun Instagram Carol with lots of talented friends to discover. Everyday we are each posting for the 12 Days of Christmas... and sharing some lovely photos, discounts, giveaways, you name it. I am giving away to 2 lucky winners a Turlte Dove bag, handmade by me. So come join the fun on INSTAGRAM for your chance to win.

 I am also sharing the template in case you wanted to make one of your own. You just need to download your FREE TEMPLATE HERE and follow the instruction for the Swan Bag HERE. 

On a separate note, my Swan Bag made the TOP TEN in the Cricut Challenge and I would love it if you could come vote for me to enter the big final round of the competition. You can once a day until Saturday. I really appreciate it. Follow this link the Cricut Facebook Page

The only thing I did different from the Swan Bag was to add a zipper. I used a 19cm ( 7") zipper which I sewed right to edge of the bag as shown in the image above. I made sure that the zipper started and ended at the same place on both sides of the bag. 

I added the tabs and sewed all around and passed my string through the tabs. 

A dove on one side and a pigeon on the other! Of course you can do which ever color your fancy.

This is my way of saying THANK YOU for your continuous support, I really love you all! Good Luck with the giveaway and tell all your friends ;)