I shared the

4 t-shirts

I did as part of the

ROWAN T-Shirt blog tour

on Friday and promised I would have a tutorial for you today on how to make a funnel neckline. I will have the how to add a drop waist skirt tutorial on the blog tomorrow. 

But first, as I was looking through my photos I couldn't help but notice a resemblance to what happens to be one of my all time favourite magazine cover.... So I HAD to recreate one of my own and give hommage to

Acne Pape


The cover on the left is by

Acne Paper Magazine

and modeled by Anais Pouliot for their Youth Issue. I just love the simplicity of this cover. You can imagine how pleased I was to see when

Papier Mache

, one of my favourite children's magazine came out with their own version of the Acne Paper Cover. Ahhh, and now I have my own! hehe. The things that make me happy! 

Now onto more important stuff... How to recreate this dress from the Rowan Tee pattern! First, I used the following options: basic front and back body no shoulder stripe, long sleeve cuffed no stripe. 

To make the dress/ tunic length I simply cut my size 5 front and back and kept going straight down to the size 12 hem. I am thinking I could have made it a little longer. The t-shirt is wide enough that the dress is not too tight in the hips. I did double check and measure the pattern at the hips to make sure it was not too small. I would recommend you do that too. 

To create the funnel neckline, you need to grab your neck band pattern piece ( no.10) in the size you are sewing. 

Next, you need to determine how high you want you funnel to be. I made mine 8cm ( 3") high. Therefore, I kept the neck band width the same and extended the height straight up to be 18cm to allow for 1cm seam allowance. Once on the fold it will be 9cm high.

I then followed Laura's instruction for sewing the neck band onto the body. EXCEPT that I  aligned the seam of my funnel with the center back of my back bodice and then aligned the center of my funnel with the center notch of my front bodice. Pinned everything in place and sewed all around. Et voila! 

If you are wondering about the sequins on the shoulders, it's some elastic I've had from a while back. At first I was going to use the shoulder stripe pattern piece but realized it would be itchy and too complicated for nothing. So instead I sewed a regular body and before I sewed on the sleeve, I topstitched some of the sequins elastic on top of the shoulder seam. I also trimmed the sequins seam allowance to 0.5cm and overlocked my sleeve edges so they wouldn't be irritating to the skin. 

 The funnel is perfect for the Rowan Tee as the neckline is a little wider than a regular t-shirt and so it makes the funnel easy to put on and off and doesn't have that choking/ claustrophobic effect. I used a stretchy fabric for the dress and funnel. It's a kind of microfiber with a super soft and fuzzy underside. I have no idea were I got this from but it is so warm and comfortable. The funnel would work with any of the recommendations Laura makes for the neckband pattern piece. 

Apparently, I need to make many more of these, especially a red one! MissE did not want to take this dress off.

Thanks Laura for an awesome pattern, you can get yours



And come back tomorrow for the Drop waist T-shirt dress hack.