I am back today with my fourth and final Rowan Tee, well not the last one I will ever make because I know there will be plenty more of these! Possibly 212 more! On the menu today, how to add a skirt to the t-shirt and create a comfortable drop waist jersey dress. 

We have a few of these type of dresses from H&M and love them to bits. So I thought that the Rowan Tee would be perfect to customize and make some dresses just as we like them. You have got to see

Ines of La FOLI


wonderful Rowan Dress, yet another amazing option! 

For this dress I used the following pattern pieces: the front & back bodice with the shoulder insert, as well as the short sleeve with the cuff finish. 

I used some aqua leather I had from an old skirt to create my shoulder insert. I love it! I want to a few sweatshirts and use leather again. I told you there would be more! My fabric is a really thin jersey knit with a fun animal/jungle print I bought over the summer. It was intended to be an Ash jumpsuit but I never got around to making it. I kinda totally like it as a dress way more. MissE is also wearing it with her

Rowan Tee Funnel Neck Dress

, which make it perfect for the colder months. 

To make this dress, I cut out a size 5 and used the cuffed hem line for my front and back bodice, so that the skirt would hit the hips. I then followed Laura's instructions until it was time to hem the t-shirt. For my short sleeve, although it is cuffed, I kept the length as if it was going to be hemmed. I wanted a slightly longer sleeve and felt it worked well with the style of this dress. 

1. I grabbed my cuffed hem pattern piece ( no.9), kept the width as is and extended it straight up making it 25cm high. Then proceeded to CUT 2 fabric piece on the fold. 

2. With right sides together I sewed at 1cm on either side.

3. I finished my edged with an overlock stitch. You can zigzag stitch or leave it raw if you like.

4. To gather my skirt, I adjusted the lenght of my stitch to be the longest on my machine. I then stitch at 0.5cm of the edge of my fabric on the front panel. Then again ran a parallel stitch at 0.5cm right next to the previous one and made sure I didn't cut my thread to close to the final stitch. Do not backstitch when doing this. 

I repeated these 2 steps on the back panel of my skirt.

5. I pulled gently on the two bottom strings of my parallele stitches, gathering the fabric gently. I did this on both side of my stitches as well as on the front and back panel. 

6. I added a pin at the center front and back of my skirt and t-shirt hem. With right sides together, I inserted my t-shirt into my skirt. I aligned my side seams together as well as my center point and pinned. I adjusted my gathers making them tighter or looser as needed. Pin everything in place. I then stiched all around at 1.2 cm ( to avoid seeing the gathering thread, but you could remove those if you like). I then overlocked the edge. 

7. To finish, I overlocked the edge of my hem. I ironed my hem at 2.5cm and then stitched at 2.2cm. However you can finish your hem as Laura suggests in her instructions. I unfortunately don't own a double needle or have never used one before, so this is a good alternative! 

Now you are ready to twirl...

 and be silly!

or pretend laugh, because there is nothing better! 

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