I am a little late with the Halloween post, lets just say it's just been a crazy month. I wanted to share a little of how our week went. 
First we had some fun carving the pumpkins, my kids love doing this. Usually I come up with some designs but this year it was all the kids ideas, they drew up what they wanted and kept a close eye as I carved away. I even ended up using a drill! You will have to check my Instagram account for the outcome. 

The kids finish school early on friday, I cannot tell you how excited they were to get dressed up. Originally, I wasn't going to sew my kids costumes this year, I was just going to let them wear something from their dress up box. However, the kids have been watching some cartoons on Youtube with their dad and Popeye is one they really enjoy. So when we were discussing what they could wear for Halloween, I brought up the idea of Popeye & Olive Oyl and everyone got so excited. It's a good thing I consulted the kids before I bought the fabric, because they didn't want just any Popeye & Olive costume, they wanted the ones from the cartoons they had been watching which happened to be from the early 40's. And as you can see Popeye was dress all in white and black. Oh and of course Sweet Pea was part of the equation, but the outfit had to be baby blue. 

First up is Popeye. I bought the hat on Amazon and got it just on time. Then, I self drafted the top and made it with a wonderful cream Ponte knit jersey. Definitely something Mister M can wear again. The pants are the easiest thing to make in the world! No side seams or zipper, just an elastic waistband. I wanted a straight leg to give them that sailor look. Now, the arms were so much fun to make! I added 2 layers of a skin color lycra dance fabric for sleeves, with the outer layer shaped to look like Popeye's forearms, then I stuffed them lightly with some batting and added the tattoos with a fabric pen. The little black scarf is just a piece of lightweight fabric cut into a triangle, I didn't even bother to hem the edges. Finally the pipe is made with a toilet paper roll and some brown electrical tape stuffed with gold tissue paper and a wooden brochette stick. 

For Olive Oyl, I used the same pattern I did for my Sewing for Kindergarten yellow top and modified the collar to have a double layer and a scalloped edge. I added some scalloped cuffs to the sleeves as well. I made the collar and cuff oversized to give it more of a dramatic effect, it is a costume after all. Miss E went fabric shopping with and insisted on this red satin, to avoid a major tantrum I let it go, but I would have chosen a red knit instead had I shopped alone. The skirt is self drafted, basically a rectangle with a ruffle at the bottom. And Sweet Pea is wearing an upcycled tee-shirt.

As soon as the sun had set we were ready to trick or treat... It was so cold we ended up wearing our winter puffy vest under our clothing. Good thing I thought of that when I made the costumes! Oh and can you guess what I dressed up as? 

We walked a few blocks, filled our buckets and came home to hand out some candy. It was cold, but all in all it was a fun night. I hope you had a lovely Halloween. Leave a link in the comments so I can come check out what yours kids dressed up as.