Have you noticed the trend of Mother-Daughter matching outfits all over the blogosphere lately? Fashion houses are coming out with collection geared towards mom and daughter looks, pattern companies are doing the same. How about the boys? Do you ever find yourself dressing just like your boy? Do you do it on purpose or does it just happen sometimes. It definitely happens to me and my son, but never intentionally! When I first started blogging, I had put a blogpost together with this idea in mind, where I showed you how to borrow looks for your son's closet, you can read the post HERE. So it's no wonder that I was very happy to be invited by Stacey from Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy to a fun sewing series entitled Match With Me: A Mother & Son Sewing Series, where I was to create a matching outfit for me and MisterM. 

I had grand plans of making a full outfit, but unfortunately time wasn't on my side. I managed to make Mister M & I some matching Morocco Pants, which you can read more about here. His are on the skinny leg side and mine are a loose fit. They both have a satin tuxedo stripe that runs along the side of the leg up to the front panel on the pants. I hope to have the pattern released soon!   

I paired the pants with some striped sweaters, his from Monoprix and mine from Kookai. Add to the mix some woolen coats both from Scotch and Soda and some sneakers to keep the look casual chic. 

Dress these pants up with a white shirt and bow tie for the upcoming holidays or wear it with a t-shirt and sneakers for everyday use. I just love how versatile they are. I've already cut a pair for MissE, so we can all match!  

Now I need to say a special thank you to my mom for helping with the photoshoot. I didn't finish on time to have my husband take photos over the weekend, so I scrambled to get these after school just before sunset again. My son came home early from school, so luckily that gave us a little extra time. 


It was the quickest photoshoot and probably the last one I will be doing outdoors for a while as it's getting too cold to be showing off our clothing in near zero degrees weather. Can you see our little red noses? It was freezing! Too bad because we were having such fun!

I especially had fun editing the photos. I've been taking a wonderful photography class called Life+light over at Define and had the privilege of playing around with some Lightroom presets to help with my editing. Check out Kellie Hatcher's website, first for her great images and secondly for her presets which you will be able to buy soon. 

And now for lots of photos of Mister M because photos of me were practically impossible to take and lets be honest I don't sew half as much for him as I do for MissE. 

So will you be embracing this look and try some matching outfits with your son? I think we should start a new trend!!!

Have a great weekend!