I really wanted to make 144 t-shirt and try out all the possibilities that comes with this amazing t-shirt pdf pattern that Laura of Titchy Threads  has created, but I ran out of time! Ok seriously, if you need to get a basic pattern for the perfect t-shirt, THIS IS IT! I am lucky enough to be on the blog tour to tell all about it and yes you can create 144 different possibilities from short sleeves to hooded and everything in between. 

So I did not make 144 t-shirts, however I did make a point of using every single pattern piece and made 4 different versions of the Rowan Tee.  Today I will be sharing the two that I made without any or should I say very little modifications.   

Now you will want to come back on Monday, as I will be sharing the 2 remix/ pattern hacks I did to make these two dresses you see up top. I will giving 2 simple tutorials, (1) how to create a funnel neck and (2) how to add a gathered skirt.  With these 2 extra pattern pieces you will be able to created not only 144 different tees but now 216 different possibilities which include dresses too! You better mark your calendars, this is exciting stuff!!!

For my first version I made a long sleeve tee with the stripe along the whole length of the arm, the crew neck, kangaroo pocket, as well as the cuffed sleeve and hem.

All the fabric was thrifted over the past 10 years. I unfortunately I have no idea what the content is. The turquoise is jersey knit and has a slightly silky feel. The neon pink is this white jersey knit and has this printed neon pink on top of it- it is totally weird! The green is a 1x1 rib knit which I should have been more careful when ironing, yikes it lost a lot of it's shape in the hem but I tried wetting it and steaming it and it took some of it's original shape back. I am sure it will be fine once I wash the tee. 

I had so much fun matching these colors. I wanted something fun and colorful. Something fresh, modern but with a vintage feel! Isn't making your t-shirts and combinations fun? 

If I had followed MissE's measurement I could have made a size 3 in width, but I compare the pattern with some t-shirts she already owned and opted to make a size 5 instead. I think I will be making the size 6 sleeve length next time. These are just perfect but don't leave much room to grow. 

I love that I could use my serger to sew all these t-shirts up. However, my serger no longer cuts the excess fabric ( i had a student sew over a pin a few years back and have yet had the energy to fix it!) and so my seams are sewn at 0.75cm instead of 1cm. Yikes. It really didn't affect the pattern or outcome much. 

The only thing I did differently for this tee was to sew the kangaroo pocket into the hem. Anything to avoid sewing an extra seam!!! hehe. I actually like the look better.

And if you are wondering Pablo the Pigeon is from the amazing brand Oeuf, they have amazing stuff and great gift ideas. Just saying!

For my second version, I made a long sleeve tee with a hood, patch pocket, the stripe on the sleeve only, as well as cuffed sleeves and hem.

What kid doesn't love a hood? And I love this 3 piece one. It's perfect for having fun with color combinations or prints. It also gives it that perfect shape and fit. 

I used a double knit I had on hand in grey and midnight blue and mixed it with a floral knit that used to be my mom's t-shirt, I barely had enough. 

I cannot believe that all my stripes match... the side seams matching was intentional, however the sleeves and body matching was a really nice surprise. 

I really like how nicely the colors complement each other between the floral and the stripes. 

I really do love cuffed sleeves and hems. Whenever given the option or in my own designs, it's always my go to. I might think otherwise if I had a coverstitch machine, even at that I like the look a and finish way more when cuffed not matter what. 

The only thing I did differently with this tee was that I made my pocket slightly smaller than called for. I wanted it to be a little more girly, and I think I could have gone even smaller. Also, I doubled the fabric instead of following Laura's really clever instructions, only because this floral knit was really thin and flimsy next to the stripe. 

The one thing missing in MissE's wardrobe was some cool long sleeve t-shirts, clearly this blog tour came along just on time! 

So hop on over to the TICHY THREAD website and check out all the other amazing options available this Rowan Tee comes with and while you there snatch up the pattern. Now if you sign up for Newsletter HERE, you can get a nice little exclusive pattern discount. 

I also highly recommend ALL of Laura's patterns - they are clearly la crème de la crème when it come to pdf sewing patterns. If you don't believe me just check what everyone else has to say on the blog tour... 

Don't forget to come back on Monday, because obviously 144 different option was clearly not enough! 

Have a great weekend!