Oh I haven't done an installment of Colors By Numbers is ages, I love doing these collages because I end up discovering so many artist, shop, recipes and so much more. And to top it off they inspire me tremendously. Winter has officially started here in Montreal and boy oh boy Mother Nature forgot what the word transition is! It's only mid November and I am already longing for the warm summer months which I guess is why I have been so attracted to these colors. Actually I've been craving these colors for a while and I think it's time I used them together to create something... maybe something a little wintery. I bought some mustardy/ gold wool yesterday and now I need to dig out those knitting needles. Mmmm, maybe a gold, pink and red hat could be fun! I will keep you posted. 

Starting from the upper left corner...

PLUM PRINT - Ana Zaja Petrak makes some lovely illustration of fruits and other things, check out her work HERE.

NUMBER 12 - This awesome and vibrant photo is by Matthias Heiderich. His work is so inspirational, if you are looking to add lines and color to your photography he is definitely one to check. Amazing stuff!!! 

CONFETTI - Get your confetti poppers at Urban Outfitters for the upcoming holidays or just to take some crazy cool photos! Available at Urban Outfitters

BIRD - Nature amazes me! More wonderful birds taken by José Antonio Yee Photography HERE.

DRESS - Celine  is one of my favourite designers. I just love the textures and colors in this outfit from their Summer 2015 Ready To Wear collection. Oh and check out the pompom pants while you are there! 

BEET SALAD - I hear beets are good for fighting depression, I think I be making this all winter long! Recipe HERE

COOL KIDS - I love this photoshoot, cool and sophisticated just my style. I need to make Mister M some plum colors pants! Via an old issue of  Papier Mache Magazine. I actually just bought the latest issue, can't wait to read it! 

ART PRINT - Oh I am loving all the prints in this shop called INALUXE.  So many lovely ones to chose from and perfect to brighten your walls. 

TOP PHOTO - I am a little intrigued by double exposure photos these days and really want to give it a try, I just have no idea where to start! I think I might google it or just keep on staring at all of CHRIS LAWRENCE amazing photos. 

And it just dawned on me that I've already created something with this color palette, check it out HERE. Clearly I am a little obsessed with it! Oh but it won't stop me from using it again and again. 

Happy Wednesday!