How cute are these animal plushes? Walnut Animal Society is a collection of handmade stuffed animals created by Lauren Bradshaw. Each doll is handmade in the US, making each and everyone unique, also all the fibers are locally-sourced as well as safe for the kids and the environment- perfect! The best part is that they extra huggable being 2 feet tall! How fun is that, more to love and play with. I just love their sweet faces, the soft colors and the attention to details. 

Come check out  Ruthie the Deer, Eleanor the Bear, Magnolia the Bunny, Henry the Fox and Chester the Raccoon on the Walnut Animal Society website, look how adorable their outfits are too, Lauren has collaborated with clothing brands, including Liberty of London and each character has a unique outfit and is interchangeable.  Seriously, these would make great gifts for any occasion and any age group too.