October is a busy month. I know it's been really quiet here this week, the kids have been off from school most of last week and some more this week. I have been working on a few posts for next week as well, on top of doing some pattern grading, Halloween costume planning and I am busy busy busy putting Issue 03 of STYLO together which is coming out the first week of November. So I haven't been slacking! 
Here is a little peek as to how we like to spend rainy or cold snowy days...  If you live in Montreal I highly suggest you check out Le Taz, it's great indoor skate park, a perfect place to bring your kids and let them have a blast. You can rent any of the equipment  from scooter, skateboards, rollerblades and bikes. My kids bug me to go almost every weekend!

Don't be surprised if they crash on the way home! 
See you Monday with my I Heart Marcel Marlier Post.