I've Fallin', fallen in love with the above image. I've been craving some autumn clothes for me, some deep hues and lot's of textures. Maybe it's the shorter days or the constant rain we've been getting. I didn't do too well with my new years resolution of sewing more for myself this year. I did manage to make a yellow outfit in february, a dress this summer and I have a post coming up next month. I guess that is better than last year when I made myself a skirt. I think maybe I needed the right inspiration. I just came across a cropped version of the above image on Pinterest and almost fell of my chair. I LOVE this soooooo much. I wish I had somewhere to go where I could wear a red woolen lace dress with socks and heels and an oversized copper coat. I was immediately drawn to this image, I think a big part was the colors. I pulled the colors out for some extra inspiration. I might try and see if I can find some similar tones in my existing wardrobe or perhaps save it to my phone for the next time I go shopping. I thought that maybe you too could use the inspiration. 

I went looking for the source of the image and came across UNO, a model agency website and got to see the rest of the photoshoot. These were taken with model Marta Dyks for L'Officiel Paris last fall. It's beautifully styled and photographed. I love the oversized silhouettes, the mix of textures such as the plaid and sequins and I have a soft spot for sandals and socks, what can I say! Some pretty great mommy style wouldn't you say?