Have been following Project Run & Play this time around? I feel like I participated years ago, but it was only last spring! I really wasn't going to sew along this round, since I've been working on my sewing patterns, but when I saw this weeks entries I felt like something was missing... can you say blue denim head to toe? And so I got this urge, after chatting with my friend Tasha from Glitter + Witt and we both decided to get sewing the best denim on denim outfit we could. Being Canadian and all, I thought how fun would it be to make my version of a Canadian Tuxedo

Naturally I had the Friday Dress and the Morocco Pants on my mind since I've have been working on both these pattern the last weeks and how perfect would the tuxedo pants be for a Canadian Tuxedo? At first I was going to make a denim jumpsuit, but I miss calculated the shirt/ pant circumference and had to scrap that idea. But be reassured MissE will get her denim jumpsuit eventually. So instead I finished of the pants and made not just half of the Friday Dress, but ended up with a Friday Tunic. 

 I knew I wanted to incorporate more than one denim color, have you noticed this trend lately? And how perfect that both patterns are ideal for color blocking, so that was a given. I used a light blue bamboo denim from my stash, a medium blue stretch denim which I purchased before yesterday at my local fabric store in a panic when I realized I had no good denim on hand, and a dark blue denim I've had god knows how long. Oh and I added a little pink floral on the inside yoke to girlify the outfit and so MissE would approve of it.

I finished my outfit this morning and was anxiously waiting for MissE to come home from school. She did come home, early even, but with a high fever and sick. So my lovely son agreed to take a few pictures in her place. Keep in mind that he is 15cm taller (although slimmer than MissE) and so everything was a little on the short side. You still get a nice idea of the fit. With the proportions being so wacky I decided to keep only these two photos of him to give you an idea. 

 Good thing I can rely on my vintage children's mannequin... great for fitting, sewing and taking photos ( always listens and never whines!). Below you will see some of the little details and how I used the different color denims throughout the outfit.

And as much as I love wearing denim on denim head to toe this is most probably how MissE will end up wearing her Friday Tunic and Morocco pants. 

Stripes are always a good idea! 

 Don't forget to check out what Tasha did for her denim outfit. Have a great weekend!