I have been taking a really amazing photography class about storytelling with the very talented Molly Flanagan. For this weeks homework our goal was to tell a story in less than 20 images and I thought it would be nice to share it here today.

I know a few of you have asked for more personal post and well it doesn't any more personal than this, come walk with us on what  was one of those typical autumn days: a grey and rainy kind of day. My husband had the great idea of going out for a walk, question of getting some fresh air, but no one was all that thrilled by idea! I googled "how to take photos in the rain" and got really excited when I found out all I really needed was a plastic bag and a lens hood. With my new found excitement, taking photos does that to me these days, we convinced the kids it would be fun to jump in puddles and go hunting for leaves. We all got out of pyjamas, into our rain gear and on an adventure we went! Through some secret passages and alleyways around our block we roamed. We came home a little wet, however with smiles and a pile of leaves that are now being pressed between the pages of a big fat book. Here's our little story in photos... 

How was your weekend?