And I cannot believe it's Wednesday already! Time passed by so fast. You might be happy to know I am working on some new patterns and these pants are one of them! So maybe we should discuss those first...

First let me tell you a little story. Do you ever have days when your sewing goes soooo smoothly and everything just flows? Yeah, me too and when I sewed these pants, that is just what happened. I was so excited and couldn't wait for MissE to get home from school. When she got home, I couldn't wait for her to try the pants on and then the worst imaginable thing happened... they didn't fit! What? But I used her measurements! I couldn't believe it. Well she had a growth spurt and in two weeks she gain some weight and my skinny pants didn't fit anymore. So I ended up taking out the waistband and re-sewing all the seams, making them as small as I could and finally they fit! 

Now about the pants, they are a slim fit with a tuxedo style stripe. I made welt pockets with a flap at the back. They are perfect for color blocking. Great for girls and boys! 

I used some stretch denim I had in my stash and that I have used many time before. I LOVE this stuff. I think I need more. 

Here you can see the tuxedo detail comes across in the front too, adding a unique detail to the pants. 

I hope to be releasing this pattern soon. It will come with a few options, I can't wait to share. Let me know if you have any special request, I might be able to work them in. 

Next up is the The P51 Flyer Jacket by Terra Treasures. I received this pattern as part of the Boy Bundle Tour and was really excited about the style as it's super trendy right now. 

I used 2 XXL old t-shirts for the outer side of the jacket and then on the inside I used a sherpa type fabric I had and some black fleece from my stash. 

I kind of really like the inside of the jacket and kind of wished it was reversible! I might have to make a Hawthorne like this. 

All in all I really like this pattern and love how it turned out. However I did make a few modifications, I left out a few of the details, like the tabs & and the inside facing ( I got confused with the instructions- my fault i was trying to go fast and I really have a hard time with instructions in general and set in my old ways, so I just simplified my life). I do wish the pattern had notches, especially for the collar and the sleeve. I would have liked a little more ease in my sleeve head as well- but maybe I did something wrong. 

I really like that this outfit is pretty much NOT girly, just keeping it cool.

Come back tomorrow for a cute outfit!