The Friday Dress is the PDF sewing pattern I am working on and plan to release sometime at the end of the month (hopefully). If you read my post from yesterday, than you already saw one of the available options. Today, I you get to see what all available options will be.

Version 1: Shirt Dress with a hidden button placket, back yoke, pointy collar with separate stand, short sleeve, gathered back shirt, a full gathered skirt, invisible zipper side opening and inseam pockets. 

Version 2: Shirt Dress with a button down opening, back yoke, rounded collar with separate stand, long sleeves with cuffs, a full gathered skirt. 

Version 3: Classic Shirt Dress with a button front closure, back yoke, short sleeve, pointy collar with separate stand, front pockets with flaps, belt loops and belt, and a dipped hi-lo hem. 

Of course these options are interchangeable. 

So I am trying to take a different approach as to how I am photographing my kids these days because I am tired of fighting with them and being worried about them not wanting to take photos. I also have this new desire to document our lives as they are, the pretty, the good, the bad and the ugly but most importantly I want to capture all the little things that make my kids who they are. I really want to try and implement this documentary style to my "fashion" photoshoots too. So you might see a shift in my photos and today is a first, just so you know all these photos were taken without me directing MissE, we were just there enjoying our day. 

MissE likes to call this dress her Khaki Scout Dress. She is a little obsessed with Suzie from Moonrise Kingdom and I told her that Suzie wore a dress just like this when she joined the Khaki Scouts with Sam after the movie ended. She asked me how I knew and was a little skeptical, I told her I just knew these things and changed the subject. 

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, so we decided to go out and up the Mount-Royal on a little adventure. Now of course this meant we got to wear our Khaki Scout dress to go into the wilderness. Can you tell we are city folks? Anyways, I insisted she wear some running shoes, but MissE had other ideas and she NEEDED sparkles somewhere in her outfit.  

If you are wondering, I used the sateen 100% cotton from Willow & Co. You can see the yellow top I made here. I LOVE this fabric. It got a little wrinkled  but as you will see in the last photo it didn't get more wrinkled and stayed in pretty good shape. I also used snaps instead of buttons because I felt it went with the utilitarian style better and let's be honest, I hate sewing buttonholes. Also, this makes it a lot easier to put on and off for MissE. 

You can see the back of the dress here and the shape of the hem. 

And off we went on our little adventure with Mister M and Nanou (my mom). 

I didn't think we would go off the road and into the forest, but the kids insisted. Had I know I too would have insisted on the running shoes. 

Quite frankly, I thought we were going to end up by the lake and the playground but that entire area was under construction. 

We ended up having a lot of fun. 

Hiking through the woods makes you hungry and calls for a break and some snacks.

I think someone was getting a little tired.

Thank goodness for the walking stick, it helped us throughout our journey. We ended up eating a popsicle, climbing to the top of the mountain and checking out the view... I think a lot of people had the same idea as us that day! We even played the piano ( check out my IG account!).

We finished the afternoon just playing in the open field. The kids made new friends and had a blast jumping off that big sculpture. 

Who would have thought the Friday Dress was ideal for hiking and playing? 

We even gathered little acorns in the pockets. It doesn't any more perfect than that! ha. 

Finally it was time to go home. 

I will be sewing up the third version of the Friday Dress, I might even have a fun remix for you this week, so be on the lookout. Ans if you are interested in testing the dress be sure to follow my FB page