It's that time again... Sewing for Kindergarten hosted by my lovely friend Mie from Sewing Like Mad. I had the privilege to sew for MisterM last year and now for MissE.

Before I tell you about my outfits Mie asked us a few questions: 

Is this your first time sending a child to Kindergarten? If not, what number child is this?
No this is my second. I sent MisterM last year and now MissE. They are 2 years difference in age but only 1 year in school. 

Do you feel like crying or celebrating? 
Celebrating! I spent all summer with the kids and I thinks it's time they play with their friends.

And what about your child?
MissE is super excited to be in the big school with her brother. Besides the school and a few new friends, the routine is pretty much the same as in Pre-K. Although, she is excited about having a lunch box and is very particular about how she eats her snacks. 

What type of school (public, private, homeschool) will your child attend?
MissE is in a private school with a jewish education. So on top of french and english, she is also learning hebrew this year. 

What was your own first day of school like (if you remember ;-)? 
I wish I remembered! My earliest memory is going to school ( pre-k) in Morocco. I do remember having to take the bus home in kindergarten and hating it, this was my first year in Canada. The big kids were so mean. 

Last year I made MisterM 5 outfits, so it was only fair I do the same for MissE. 5 outfits for the 5 days of the week...

MissE doesn't seem to like gym class. Apparently, she has to run a lot and doesn't like getting sweaty. It's too tiring as well. So I thought I would make her a cool jumpsuit, maybe this will get her in the mood to exercise a little. What a princess!!! I found the fleece and zipper at my local thrift store. The camisole I made years ago. 

MissE is fond of anything shiny and is liking the color gold these days. So I made her a little gold blouse from new Japanese Book- Ennana. This fabric is the most wonderful sateen cotton and you can find it in the Willow and Co shop- I can't stress enough how amazing it is. I also made some comfy loose fit denims from my Ash pattern which you can get in my shop now! Check it out HERE. This denim is also amazing, has some nice stretch to it and is very comfortable. I got it from Michael Levine last year. 

Next I made The P51 Flyer Jacket by Terra Treasures. I got as part of the Boy Bundle Tour but didn't have a chance to sew up it on time. This version is more of sweatshirt than a jacket, I upcycled 2 large tee shirt and used some faux fur I had on hand. I also made some color block/ tuxedo style skinny pants, these are self drafted and might possibly be my next pattern. I had so much fun making these and playing with the colors. I used some stretch denim I got over the summer at my local fabric shop. 

So I do have a little obssession with jumpsuits and now with culottes! These are self drafted and made from the loveliest stretch velvet. MissE loves the idea of wearing shorts in the winter time. I also made this tunic from my favourite knit which I used here already. This is also self drafted. 

Finally, It's Friday! And we like to dress up a little fridays, so a dress was in order. I made this shirt dress ( self drafted) from the amazing Cotton + Steel fabric which I got at Miss Matatabi's. I just had a little pink to her wardrobe and what better than pink horses! I paired it with a grey cardigan that I designed. I found this quilted floral at my local fabric shop and just had to get it. 

5 outfits for 5 days of the week. What is great that everything can be mixed and matched to make endless possibilities. 

Go check out what my amazing friend Laura at Craftstorming is up to today, she is sewing for her boy and revealing her next patterns, so you don't want to miss it.

Also check out all the other participants, there have been some lucky kindergarteners this year! Thank for having me Mie. I am so sad I won't be taking part in the series next year.