Friday is all about style in our household! We like to dress it up and wear pretty things without compromising on comfort. Usually on Friday nights we go to eat at the inlaws or my moms and I always like for the kids to dress a little extra special for those types of activities, in my opinion it adds to the memory. I really love that my kids want to dress "nice" on some days or "cool" or just stay in their pj's on others. 

For this Friday Outfit I made a shirt dress and a cardigan. Let's start with the cardigan! I found the fabric at my local fabric store and just had to have it. It's sort of like a scuba knit and has this lovely embroidered floral print. It's also a perfect shade of grey. However, I'm not sure it was the right fabric for this project, it doesn't iron well and that was a bit of problem with the colat and all. I still like the way it turned out. 

At first I was thinking of making some sort of a dress, then a coat but it ended up being a cardigan. Perfect for layering and wearing with long sleeves or even over a light sweater and of course dresses. 

My lovely friend Laura of Titchy Thread sent me her basic raglan sweater pattern which I used as my starting point. I then modified the basic block by lengthening it, adding a tailored collar, making short puff sleeves and putting in side pockets. 

I had the perfect matching rib which I had kept from a leather jacket I had upcycled for one of my Project Run & Play entries. The ribbing was perfect for all the finishing details. 

The loose fit and stretchy fabric add to the comfort factor of this cardigan and the unique details add to the style. 

Next up is the Friday Dress, basically a shirt dress with a full gathered skirt. You might be happy to hear I am working on the pattern as we speak and if you come back tomorrow you can see all the details and options that will be available. 

I used some Cotton + Steel fabric which I got at Miss Matatabi's. I absolutely love the weight of this fabric and of course the amazing print. It has lot's of my favourite color combination in one print: red and pink mixed in with some turquoise and a touch of gold. Oh soooo perfect. 

The dress comes with 2 part shirt collar, a yoke, short sleeves, a waistband and a gathered skirt.

There are a few things I have adjusted to the pattern since making this first one, a few fit issues and I will have a side zipper to make it easier to get on and off. 

I like the gathered back on the dress, it gives the dress a little more girly feel. 

 And it has a loose fit for extra comfort and room to grow in as well without looking boxy.

But most importantly it's perfect for twirling!

Don't forget to pass by tomorrow as I will be revealing all of the dress options and details for the Friday Dress Pdf Pattern. 

And if you are wondering what we wear on Saturdays & Sundays, well depending on what we are doing it might be a day spent in our pj's or maybe in dress up princess dresses with a super hero cape. This weekend MissE wore her brother's clothes because she wanted to be cool! It's crazy how one day she can be ever so girly and the next a real tomboy. Girls with big brother's have it the best if you ask me!