I cannot believe a month has gone by and it's time for another round of some fun DIY's with my awesome cricut machine! I'll be sharing these posts once a month until the end of the year as part of the Cricut Design Space Star Challenge. This month my team came up with the theme A Floral Affair and our mission was to make something fit for a wedding or celebration. 

I made a birthday kit with a cake topper, some fancy wrapping paper and a gift topper. Here is the thing, I'm really not all that crafty and definitely not the best baker or cake decorator, I should have designed a wedding dress instead! I have to say having a cricut machine made this project all kinds of easy. I hope you love it!

First up is the CAKE TOPPER. I created my graphics in Illustrator, I love that all the flowers were traced from photos I took. You can download the template HERE.

 You need 2 different colors of cardstock, some spray glue ( or any glue really), 2 small wooden sticks and some tape. Simply cutout the two separate shapes in different color cardboard. Add some glue to the top layer, center on top of the lower shape and press well. Tape two sticks at the back with some tape and you are done!

Next up is the wrapping paper. I created this pattern in Illustrator with the same flowers as for the cake topper. You can download the template HERE

What you need: paper or light weight cardstock & some spray glue. All you need to do is cut out your pattern as big as 12" x 12" paper. Feel free to scale the template, however I wouldn't go much smaller than 8" x 8". Then carefully remove your paper and discard all unwanted bits and pieces. 

Here you can see how the pattern looks.  You can than add some spray glue to the back and glue it to some tissue paper or any paper you might have on hand. 

Here I used craft paper for the paper cutout and some green tissue underneath. Uptop I used some black cardstock and just regular white printer paper. 

You could use the cutout for many other purposes, for example you can cut a few out of cardstock and create a wonderful photo backdrop. You can use it to cover vases or perhaps a candle holder for a nice light effect. Cut it out of felt and make some nice pillows. I could keep on going. 

You don't have a cricut, print the design on some paper and use it as wrapping paper that way. 

And to make it all pretty, every gift needs a fun topper. Create this 3D flower for a pop of color. You can find the template to download HERE.

You need cardstock in 2 colors ( or more!) and some double sided tape. Cut out the 4 layers, add a small piece of double sided tape on all the layers and stick one on top of the other making sure everything is well centered. To give more volume fold your petals towards the center where they form a circle. Voila! 

And now you have a delicate and wonderful gift to give! My kids kept on asking me who's birthday it was or if the "empty" gifts were for them. At least we got to eat cake!!!

Don't forget to check out what my wonderful team has been up to- it's a wonderful Floral Affair. I am blown away my the creativity in Team #13.

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 Did you see that Cricut was having an other amazing contest open to everybody? 
 They just announced the second phase of the Cricut - I Made It! contest and this time they’re awarding one winner their own Make it Now™ project line to be sold in Cricut Design Space™!

To help create your line, Cricut will fly you to their headquarters in Salt Lake City to work side-by-side with their design team.  Then you and a guest will enjoy an all-expense paid stay at the Grand America Hotel – a luxury resort in Salt Lake City, home to the best skiing in the world.
The winner will be featured on Cricut.com and every time a Cricut user purchases your project, you’ll earn money. Cricut will even help with your publicity.

To enter the Cricut - I Made It! contest, all you need is a photo of an original project. You can upload up to five photos (which can be five individual projects or multiple photos of one project).

You have until September 30th to enter.  What are you waiting for? It’s time you Made It big! Head to cricut.com to enter today.  I headed there now to enter a few of my own projects.

Have an amazing weekend and next week I'll be giving you all the details of my Sewing for Kindergarten outfits. See you then!

Disclosure | I did receive a Cricut machine for free and may receive prizes in exchange for my winning projects. Even though I am not directly compensated for these posts, I am under consideration for a prize with Cricut Design Space Star. All opinions are 100% my own. Wish me luck!