Sometimes being the kids of a blogger turns out unexpectedly extra fun! I think my kids end up trying new things and doing random things we would have probably never done as "regular" kids. One of those things are photoshoots and trust me they don't always go as planned or very smoothly. As the kids get older, it gets easier, but I think this time it was more fun for many reasons:
- i got the kids involved and we made funny necklaces with peppers.
- i let them run around and be crazy ( most of my photos came out blurry).
- i shot some videos and for some reason my kids don't mind shooting videos. Expect a mini movie real soon.
- they knew a nice treat was on it's way. 

I was supposed to post before I left for vacation but I had lost the photos and thankfully found them again this week. So here is a little peak at what we've been wearing this summer and will continue to wear into the fall...

We LOVE our Wolf & Rita tunic from Ladida ( check it out it's 70% off), it couldn't be more fitting for MissE as I like to call her "felfel hara" which means hot pepper in arabic.  

The biker shorts are from Joe Fresh, the sandals Zara and the Upcycled Men's blazer made by me.

MisterM is wearing a super soft tunic top from Neige provided by Ladida,  some La Miniatura bermudas I got from Haute Look and a Scotch Shrunk cardigan, shoes from H&M

Be assured the peppers got eaten too, the kids were more excited for those than the ice cream! 

I received both tunics courtesy of Ladida and love them to pieces- so be sure to check out Ladida's new fall lookbook it will have you dreaming and wishing it was fall already. Seriously, they have a great selection of designer and a really nicely curated shop with the best selection out there.