Have you seen all the amazing outfits being sewn for the boys these days? Yeah, I know so cool. Well blame it on the BOY PATTERN BUNDLE and the wonderful team at Pattern Revolution. I am very honoured to be able to share and contribute to the blog tour today. I knew I wanted to make one the jackets in the bundle since MisterM has to wear a uniform this year, so at least with a jacket he can wear it every day. So I made him the Letterman Jacket by Fairytale Pattern Designs. 

I totally went 1980's with my styling, he could be part of the Beastie Boys!

I made a few minor changes to the pattern, first I put a seam in a raglan sleeve to make it look like a regular sleeve - I basically cut the pattern in two and added seam allowance where I thought the shoulder seam would typically go. I also added a lining, the pattern comes unlined, but I wanted to make my jacket appropriate for our weather and I also really like the contrast on the inside. I think unlined would be fun for a sweatshirt - I might just have to make another one. I also constructed the pockets slightly differently, only because I wanted the welt to be leather and well I didn't want the pocket lining to be leather too.

I found this pin stripe wool a while ago at my thrift shop and was excited to finally use it. The leather used to be pants. And the lining is a striped jersey I got last spring. 

I made a size 7 and thought the fit was good, MisterM will be able to wear a chunky sweater on the colder days. I might make it narrower for the sweatshirt unlined version I am planing, MisterM is typically a size 4 for width!  

I really love mixing navy and black, I think it worked out nicely here. I promise MisterM loves it too! He just wasn't thrilled to be taking photos of a fall jacket on a hot summer day. 

There are a few things I would change... I should have reversed the sleeves so the center seam go towards the back. I should have also lined my pockets with the pin stripe instead of the lining - the white shows too much to my liking. Maybe a less shiny leather? And topstiching! I should have added some topstiching on my seams.

MisterM is also wearing an H&M hat, a Eleven Will Smith T-shirt, Gap Jeans, Nike sneakers.

You are going to want to check all the other patterns, because there are never enough cool boys patterns and you have soooo many to choose from now. I will be sewing the P51 Flyer Jacket for MissE, so don't be fooled this bundle isn't just for BOYS! 

So it's your turn to jump up and down of joy and buy your bundle before the sale ends August 29th! There are lot's of options for you to choose from and different price ranges. 

And If you need more convincing or just to see some great creations, go check out what all the amazing bloggers have been up to!