I am bringing home this cute tutorial I did for the Sewing Rabbit last year, just in time for back to school!

Are you ready to sew a cute and small rectangular backpack?

Sit yourself down, take a seat

All you gotta do is repeat after me. 


Easy as

One, two, three 

Or simple as

Do re mi 

ABC, one, two, three, baby, you and me girl!

Since it is back to school for so many of us I thought it would be nice to do a sewing tutorial for a backpack. I've been spotting lots of square shaped backpacks these days, as well as lots of different ways of colour blocking- I thought I would combine the two to give you one cute little bag.

 I also prepared a little video for my tutorial which I hope you will enjoy. You can simply follow along and pause when you need to! Save it to your favourites and watch it over and over! Careful, the song is really catchy!

In case you are wondering, the fabric I used was what they call at my local fabric shop "outdoors fabric". It's mainly a Nylon type of fabric with a coating which makes it a little more durable as well as water resistant. I also used some Cordura Nylon (black) which has a very sticky and plasticky backing and makes it really hard to sew with. I think I would have liked my fabric to be a little more sturdy, but what I love about the backpack is how light it is. You could use some denim or canvas if you like, you could also interface it.

With all the different pattern pieces you can make this little backpack as wild as you want or keep really simple. I had a little fun! I made the bottom black, as that is the part that gets the most dirty.

 I used some thick plastic zippers, however metallic ones are fine too. You could substitute the Nylon Webbing for some fabric or Gros Grain ribbon. Lastly, I used some plastic adjusters for my straps, those could have been a pair of D-rings as well.

This mini backpack offers lots of possibilities and it is really quite simple to sew. The hardest part was sewing on the front pocket. And if you notch all your pieces as indicated, as well as pin things to keep them in place, you will be fine.

Well I couldn't just make one backpack with 2 kids in the house. Today is my son first day at kindergarten, so he got a slightly bigger backpack with a few differences here and there. The tutorial is on my blog

Petit a Petit and Family

, if you'd like to check it out.

My daughter was a little upset that hers wasn't as big as her brothers, she soon realized this was the perfect size for all her little goodies and specially her small back.

My kids are ready and really excited for this new year to start...

I'm thinking I could use one of each for myself as well, maybe in some nice Liberty of London print or I could up cycled pair of pants I have. What would yours look like?